Tiny Barbarian DX Post-Mortem Review

Tiny Barbarian DX

One of the best features of Tiny Barbarian DX is that the controls are very intuitive. When players hit a button, the game reacts as expected. It’s accurate, it’s smooth, and it’s fun to play. Graphically and in terms of gameplay Tiny Barbarian DX is heavily inspired by retro sidescrollers like Castlevania or Mega Man, and yet it manages to feel very polished and actually stand side by side with these titles visually. The tactile feel makes it easy to run through levels that are designed with just the right amount of challenge to them to keep players on their toes but not go over the top with frustration. The music in Tiny Barbarian DX is also very well crafted and sounds retro yet with a noticeable upgrade in acoustics for those with a great headset. The sound effects relay information similar to video games of the past.

In adventure mode, players tackle levels full of enemies and run through the title’s narrative experience which starts out with the player hanging from a tree being pecked to death by a vulture and goes on to feature some of the most tricky yet satisfying platformer gameplay seen in some time. The game’s combat and level design do a great job to justify picking it up and the steady flow of the gameplay experience keep players gripped by what’s happening on-screen. In vs. The Horde mode, players stand their ground against waves of enemies trying to see how long you can last.

Final Verdict:

Tiny Barbarian DX is one of those games that was built with love by a team that still games to this day and understands how to present a title with fun factor. Without deviating from the classic formula too much, this game manages to carve out a unique identity for itself on the Windows PC platform and definitely deserves a serious look. While finding virtually no flaws with the game other than the fact it’s difficult, true to its genre roots, and that’s what it was aiming for all along – Tiny Barbarian DX receives a 9.5 out of 10 making it a Platinum Game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Developer / Publisher: StarQuail Games

Available On: Windows PC

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