Postmortem: One Must Die (Extended Scythe Cut) Review


Postmortem: One Must Die is a role playing game by Unbound Creations in which players take the role of an Agent of Death and must choose who dies in a war torn nation that is on its way to ruin. The gameplay in this title is pretty basic, focusing more on the narrative and lore of the nation of Galicia. The Agent of Death’s movement is controlled by using the WASD keys and the E key to interact with objects and people in the game.

The Agent is sent to a charity being hosted by the people of Galicia for a vandalized high school. Once there, the Agent is tasked with talking to some of these people and finding out as much information about them as possible before selecting the target to bring to their death. Players interact with a character and will be prompted to use the number keys to ask them questions.


The Agent’s targets come from all walks of life and all have different views on the events that led their nation to the state it is in now. Whoever the player decides to take out will have a ripple effect to the entire nation of Galicia as well as the surviving characters. The game is short and it encourages many play-throughs to see the myriad of different endings to the game. You can even log on to the game’s website to see the other endings and find out how to access them (a la The Walking Dead Video Game Series).

The nation’s struggle as well as the characters’ stories will really make you think long and hard on who you will chose to claim the life of. The events in Galicia will make you think more about the conflicts and struggles occurring in real life today around the world. You will find books, papers, and other media in the game-world that will have give you more details about the conflict and insight to some of the characters’ agendas which may help you pick who’s lives are worth preserving.


The graphics are in a top down isometric 2D style and are reminiscent of the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories game or Mega Man Battle Network. The soundtrack is mostly reworked classical music and nursery rhymes that have been taken down a few notes to have a darker tone which reflects the mode of the story. The only things that hurt this game are the lack of a save system, the movement controls, and some camera issues. The game takes about 20 – 30 minutes per play-through to complete and taking in all of the information to choose your target is can be a daunting task.

Final Verdict:

The Extended Cut of Postmortem: One Must Die adds an extra character to the mix and adds bonus features for you to check out in and learn more about the game.. The movement as the Agent at times can be too fast and the camera pans with the Agent’s movement making you think you are in front of an object and a door but this can also be patched. Overall, Postmortem should be considered as an instant classic with a few small and fixable problems. This game will make you think and question what’s going on in the world around us.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Developer / Publisher: Unbound Creations

Available On: PC | Mac OS X | Linux

Played On: Windows PC

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