Recovery Search and Rescue Simulator Review

Recover Search Rescue Simulator

This game is so bad, that it is almost fun to play. Based of the title of this game, you would think that it would involve actual search and rescue missions. No! Literally all that you do in this game is search for items scattered about the “open world” map, which is huge! The open world makes traveling a drag. It is so boring to ride along on the ridiculous bike for minutes just to get the objective. I will touch on that a little bit later on. Basically every mechanic this game has sucks. This game sucks so bad that it is almost fun to play, because of how ridiculous it is.

Story: TSAR attempted to make a story, but the developers failed big time. The game doesn’t have a normal story mode like most games, but that is expected because it is a simulator. The story is implemented into 45 playable missions, each mission taking about 5-10 minutes to complete. The major problem with that is simply riding the bike to the objective takes well over half of the time and the other half is spent looking at the ground trying to find items. The bike travels super fast; probably at least 60mph even up hills and terrain. Anyways back the story, it sucks! The missions consist of finding trash left behind by campers and searching for them. That is literally all this game has to offer. Some missions are slightly more sophisticated than that, but they all are basically the same thing.

Gameplay: The gameplay mechanics are broken. In some places scattered throughout the map, there are invisible barriers added to keep players from entering that area, but the developers did a terrible job adding them because it is easy to jump over them. Watch the video below, and see for yourself. On the 3rd mission that I played the game stopped working. I was still in the game, but I cannot get on the bike, open my map or backpack which is all you can do.

Controls: The controls are very easy to use with a keyboard and mouse with no glitches or bugs.

Recovery Search and Rescue

Characters / Enemies: The only real character in the game is yourself, the ranger, and the people you find. The people that you find are usually dead or passed out campers that don’t move at all, and they don’t speak or add any story to the game. There is no dialogue whatsoever. All the information and “story” is given via annoying text boxes. No words are spoken in the entire game. The enemies are bears and snakes which are easily avoided. Even if you did get caught up with them it is still easy to escape. They are more of a nuisance then an actual element of the game.

Graphics / Art Direction: The graphics are absolutely terrible even on the highest settings. The bike travels so fast that trees will pop up in front of the bike causing you to crash. Same goes for bushes and grass. The game looks like a PS2 launch title.

Soundtrack / Audio / Voice: The music is terrible and does not go with the forest rescue vibe RSAR tries to make. The noises that the game makes are also bad, and they don’t sound realistic at all. Voice? Yeah, there is no voice in the game!

Multiplayer Aspect: RSAR has no multiplayer aspects.

Replay Ability: RSAR has no replay ability. It actually has no normal playing ability because it is so awful.

Engine Performance: RSAR has many bugs and glitches. The most influential glitch is the barrier glitch. Many of the invisible barriers are easily bi-passable by jumping over them. That’s right, you can just jump over them. The developers must have been geniuses right?

Video Review Notes:

Final Verdict:

This game is a joke. It fails miserably in every aspect of the game, is full of glitches, and is not a simulator at all. It almost seems like the developers just made a rough draft of the game and forgot to polish it, or just wanted to make a quick buck. The game is so bad, that it almost fun to play. It’s like playing a multiplayer game against people who don’t even know how to hold a controller. So bad that it’s kind of fun to find all the glitches. Just because it is so bad that it can be fun at times, that does NOT mean you should buy this. It is definitely not worth money. RSAR gets a pathetic 3 / 10. The developers should have just called it Search Simulator since you don’t do any actual rescuing. Do not buy!

Overall Score: 3 / 10

RGN Rating : Below Bronze

Developer: Excalibur Publishing

Publisher: BigSims

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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