Star Wars 1313 Is Probably Gone For Good Now… Despite Petitions & Incredible Gameplay Reveal

Star Wars 1313 Cancelled

Despite a pretty noble Petition Of Over 7,800 Signatures Disney has failed to keep perhaps the most special project of all Star Wars gaming history alive. Worked on passionately by the team at Lucasarts and revealed to the world with real gameplay that clearly showed Star Wars 1313 was perhaps beyond Mass Effect and Uncharted in its level of cinematic action, this project has probably just gotten its final death blow. The US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that the trademark for the game’s name has been abandoned.

Gamers, hold on to hope – and keep signing that petition.

There’s a remote chance this game project could live on but just have a different name. Unfortunately, given Disney’s track record and LucasFilm’s candid attitude about using the 1313 technology in their films without crediting the original team who developed it – this could just be wishful thinking. RealGamerNewz will keep the world updated with this story as it progresses, take a look at the game below to see what the fuss is all about.

[Some Info Sourced: TE via EGMN]

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