Toki Tori Review


Toki Tori is a fun little puzzle platformer from developer Two Tribes. Originally released for the Gameboy Color back in 2001, it now finds a home in HD on the PlayStation Network for Sony’s PS3. The game stars Toki Tori, an adorable little yellow chicken on a quest to collect eggs that are scattered across four unique worlds.

Gameplay is a blend of two genres; 2D platforming and puzzle solving. While there is plenty of platforming to be had, Toki Tori is a puzzle game first. Each level has certain amount of eggs to collect before you can progress to the next. Reaching them is not that simple however, as there are many obstacles that get in the way; from enemies that block your path, to large gaps that are too wide to jump across.

Toki Tori enjoying some downtime.

Luckily the little guy has some pretty nifty tools at his disposal to help see his quest through. These tools are broken into two categories; navigational and weapons. Navigational tools allow for easier traversal throughout the levels, while weapon tools are great for putting a stop any enemy that wants to get between you and your goal. That gap too wide to cross? Build yourself a bridge. One of the eggs on a platform with no way of reaching it? Well, use tele-warp and teleport to it. An enemy blocking your path? No problem just blast the sucker with the Freeze-o-matic gun and turn him into a block of ice. These are just some of the various ways to get the job done and more tools become available as the game progresses. Fortunately the controls are simple and responsive, you control Toki Tori’s movements with the left stick, cycle through his available tools with the shoulder buttons and activate them by pressing the X button. As I said, the controls are simple so almost anyone can pick up and play.

Remember though, this is a puzzle game at heart and the puzzles are designed around the tools you use. In each level you are given a limited amount while you attempt to collect all of the eggs. This means that the player has to use the tools correctly, otherwise they will not progress to the next level. It makes for a fun experience as the game challenges you to play smart, as players have to really think and plan their moves ahead of time. Just because you can teleport to that high ledge, doesn’t necessarily mean you should as it could result in you getting stuck.

Thankfully once you get stuck, and you will, the rewind ability is there to get you out of a jam. You can rewind time back a few seconds, or as much as you need to. Realized you made a mistake using a tool when you shouldn’t have a minute ago? Rewind back to before that very moment and correct your mistake. About to die or just did? Rewind! It is a great feature that means players don’t have to restart an entire level from the beginning because of one mistake. Trust me a lot of mistakes will be made, as the game gets more and more difficult with each new level unlocked. It never really gets to the point of total frustration, though there were a few stages later in the game that probably will test your patience, especially the final level.

If you do find yourself getting frustrated, you can always take a break and give your old noggin a rest. It is easier said than done though, as the gameplay is pretty addictive and you just may find yourself losing track of time as you play. If you are still having a hard time, you can always play the wildcard, which allows the player to skip a level and move on to the next. For those of you looking for a less challenging experience, there is an easy mode. It features less levels in each world but still offers a fun time overall.

Tori wishes he could teleport out of this mess.

The challenging gameplay isn’t the only reason you’ll have a hard time putting the controller down. Toki Tori also has an undeniable charm to it. The star character is cute, the HD graphics are bright and colorful, the level designs are clever and the music is pretty darn catchy. No, there isn’t much of story as it isn’t the main focus and that’s okay. Everything else comes together quite well.

Replay Value: High – Progressing through the game unlocks bonus levels in each of the four worlds. Beating the entire game on the normal difficulty will unlock the option to replay it on hard. The hard difficulty levels are different and provide an even tougher challenge to tackle. Toki Tori features 90+ levels and offers hours of gameplay.

Final Verdict: It may not offer much in terms of story telling and be a bit frustrating at times, but Toki Tori is an unique, challenging and addictive puzzle platformer with charm. Puzzle game fans of all ages should not miss out on Two Tribes’ latest.

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Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Two Tribes

Publisher: Playlogic International NV

Available On: PS3 | Wii U | 3DS | PC

Played On: Sony PlayStation 3

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