Next Car Game Hands-On Preview

Next Car Game

Next Car game is made from the same company that developed Flatout, Bugbear Entertainment. In this arcade game, players race around tracks or take part in demolition derbies, trying to destroy all others cars. In this title, you crash into other cars a lot;  It’s difficult to drive without crashing into other vehicles because there are 24 other players in that derby or race. That’s not a bad thing at all, I mean that’s what this game is so far. Crash and drive.

This title is still in pre – alpha mode, and it’s definitely obvious. There are only 2 cars to use, and 2 different tracks. There is also a physics demo playground that is quite fun to play around with. Next Car Game is available on steam for $24.99. When you buy this game, you are supporting the developers that have been working meticulously to make this game perfect. It’s still going to be a couple of months before the value really shows.

Next Car Game Screen

When you first start up the game, you are prompted to select a vehicle and a track to play on. There are only two cars and two tracks available right now, but they are very well polished. It’s obvious that Bugbear wanted these maps and cars to be perfected before they released this game onto Steam’s Early Access. This is a driving game, so it’s not enjoyable to play using a keyboard with mouse. Fortunately, this game does allow controller support.

When Next Car Game is finished, you can expect 23 other races and more cars. Also, you will be able to upgrade those cars and customize them to your personal preference. This game doesn’t offer much and this moment except for amazing graphics and physics, but once it is complete, it will definitely be a great game.

Official  Sneak Peak Trailer:

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