Pikmin 3 Wii U Review


Pikmin 3 is the third game in the real time strategy Pikmin series and the first game since 2004’s Gamecube title Pikmin 2. The brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto, Pikmin 3 was announced in 2008 for Wii and after a long wait, was released for the Wii U in August 2013. Pikmin stars three new heroes, Alph, Brittany and Charlie who unlike the previous heroes (Olimar and Louie) are not searching for things of monetary value, but instead search for food. This title supports the Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller and the Wii Controller with Nunchuk, offering a split screen mode and allows for Off-Screen Play.


Pikmin 3 retains the gameplay of the previous games, however brings back a similar concept of a limited timeframe like the first game. In the first game you had exactly thirty days while Pikmin 3 requires that the player collects fruit as that adds food to the ship that the three characters use for subsistence and the more you collect, the more you can live. You now control three characters, an improvement over both previous games. The game adds two new Pikmin: the heavy hitting Rock Pikmin and the high flying Pink Pikmin as well as bringing back the three staple colours: Red, Blue and Yellow. Utilizing the Gamepad, the player can draw paths using the Gamepad’s screen as a map and planning ground as well as use it as the real-life equivalent of the in-game KopPad which the characters use to communicate. The game itself has not changed much in its formula from  the beginning of the series but adds the new concepts of the GamePad controls and in doing so, the game feels just right between new and old. The game also adds collectible hints that show how to play on the bottom screen, which does not slow gameplay overall.



Pikmin 3 is a beautiful game in its visuals. The design put on the world makes the game look silly at time because it looks like you have cartoons walking around a realistic world, giving it that Roger Rabbit feel. The individual models of the Pikmin, captains, enemies and fruit are well drawn and pop in the high definition world they inhabit. Like previous titles, the music matches the game give ambience that is happy in happy sitations and scary/hair-raising in combat situations.

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This title does not support an online game mode but continues to offer DLC in the form of challenge maps, with portions of the DLCs free given through updayes and up to today, there have been 3 DLCs. However, the game has split screen multiplayer, offering co-op in Challenge Mode, which has always been fun and versus in Bingo Battle, a mode where players collect items and battle with their Pikmin to create a four in a row, which is mildly entertaining.



The game offers various endings on how many fruits the player collects so this offers the possibility of replaying to get each separate ending. In developing DLC challenge maps over an online multiplayer, the game has lost a bit of steam in its popularity and draw but the addition of the mildly entertaining Bingo Battle and offering free challenge maps (a demo of the full DLCs) still give the game some draw after completion of the base story.



As someone who doesn’t regularly play RTS games, Pikmin is rather fun and makes RTS very simplistic and accessible to less skilled players. Since the story is technically unlimited time as long as you continue to collect fruit, you can have fun roaming the spacious beautiful levels. As a Pikmin title, Pikmin is superior to its predecessors as the three characters make management that much easier and faster to complete tasks. This title is recommended to previous players in the series and people looking for a more casual RTS experience. A must buy for the Wii U.

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Overall Score: 8.8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer Nintendo EAD 4, Monolith

Publisher: Nintendo

Available On: Nintendo Wii U (digital or physical)

Review Copy Info: This game was puchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

(Bonus: Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 28/30
  • Graphics- 5/5
  • Online/Multiplayer Capabilities – 3/5
  • Replay Value- 8/10
  • Overall- 44/50, an 88%.

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