Microsoft Flat Out Lying Again: Xbox ONE Never Sold Out In The First Place


Do you want an Xbox ONE for Christmas? Best Buy can help you out! They’re available now. Not just that, they’ve been available all day. Every package imaginable is available. Do you want it with a controller? Do you want it with GOLD? Do you want it with GHOSTS? Do you want it with both? Neither? Do you want it with bells on it? Do you want it in pink? Do you want it with Kinect, without Kinect? Oh wait, that’s not until February – we aren’t supposed to talk about that yet…

So interestingly enough Microsoft would have us to believe that they’ve sold out on the Xbox ONE some time ago and can’t seem to keep the consoles in stock. Basically pretending that they are selling out as fast or even nearly as fast as their competition, Microsoft’s Xbox ONE proves themselves to be liars once again as Best Buy and Microsoft have put together (and this is in their words) “EPIC GAMING PACKAGE” Web Page which has not sold out and shows no signs of doing so.

Not only can you get the Xbone right now from Best Buy in any variety that you want (pick from 6 bundles) but you’re also getting bribed to do so. Each purchase of the X1 comes with 20% off New Video Games for TWO YEARS when you buy a “Gamers Club Unlocked Membership”, but what the heck is that? Basically, Microsoft and Best Buy had to come up with some reason to make you want the console, and they also had to come up with some reason to make Best Buy actually want to be the ones exposing the fact that this system is not in as high of demand as Microsoft would have us believe.

Amazon has them in stock too (even DAY ONE Editions). It is a well known fact that Microsoft is not capable of  manufacturing as many units as Sony (since they pay to have their units built and do not own any factories at all) and yet here they are with consoles for sale but expecting us to believe that they are on par or even beyond PlayStation 4’s sales – it is simply and literally impossible. Sam’s Club (owned by WalMart) has consoles, Target has consoles, NewEgg has consoles, GameStop has consles with a different bundle for each game, just Google it why don’t you?


You didn’t get the dev kits out until a few months before E3, you showed off the console’s games on Titan PC hardware, and now magically you have some suspicious deal where you have a billion Xbox ONE’s manufactured and shipped and delivered under everybody’s noses? Yeah, right – and I’m Obama. They’ve been in stock for over 24 hours now, so either they’re not selling because there isn’t any demand or you must have a hundred million consoles sitting in warehouses like when you mysteriously forgot about all those Surface tablets then had to write it off causing billions in losses – so which is it? By the way, in case you haven’t noticed lately Microsoft Electronic Arts is being sued for lying and committing corporate fraud – let’s not keep sticking your necks out shall we?

Let’s not forget Sony sold out in under 30 minutes and Xbox ONE rode that site for 3 days at the same time. Go ahead and look for PS4’s online,  you’d be wasting your time looking at this point. As soon as they show up they are sold out faster than you can type your address and credit card in. Giving away a million consoles to pad the stats doesn’t count MS, keep selling Doritos because you aren’t selling consoles – and keep putting your money into advertising instead of building a console worth owning. Check out their latest paid placement below:


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