Ace of Spades: Battle Builder Post-Mortem Review

Ace of Spades RealGamerNewz PC Review

Ace of Spades is a PC Game available on Steam which released a short while back and has been on the tip of my tongue for some time now. With Minecraft landing on more platforms than ever, it is important that gamers of all types are aware of this alternative gameplay option. While Minecraft focuses on creation of worlds and role playing while surviving the wild, Ace of Spades is essentially Minecraft with guns but a lot more than that at the same time.

Graphically you can expect pretty much exactly what Minecraft looks like, but with a few tweaks here and there. The gameplay and fun factor are what really make Ace of Spades unique and worth playing though. Dig through stages, blow up destructible environments, and even create forts behind enemy lines to see how long your team can brutalize the enemy’s spawn.

Ace of Spades has a really unique take on things and sometimes gigantic maps, other times close quarters killing. Engage in modes like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and a bunch more with dedicated servers that typically prevent any form of lag. There’s also a Classic Mode which feels similar to World War II type of battle and focuses less on the fast-paced and destructive elements of the game, and even a Zombie Mode which provides a completely alternative form of play. Controls are great for Keyboard and Mouse making this game readily available to anybody on the PC without the need for extra hardware.

Ace of Spades RealGamerNewz PC Review - Gameplay

Up to 32 players go to war in each map which has well fine-tuned choke points that can be dealt with with classic strategic planning and shooting skills or with a somewhat more challenging approach – blowing a whole in it. This is made to be not too easy as to keep things fun. On the one hand players are engulfed in maps with large bodies of water to cross over enemy territory and forming their own bridges defending massive ships and bases, on the other hand we have maps where player-made tunnels are prevalent and opponents often run into each other underground while building them for the unexpected and thrilling face-off. Various classes are chosen and can be assigned different weapons similar to how Battlefield operates, but with the difference that some classes are specifically built to deal with building / deconstructing user-generated blocks on the playing field while others are your classic style Sniper / Shooter classes..

Although we’ve heard some complaints about the music in this game, we personally don’t find much of a problem with it. As Jagex got involved in the title at some point before re-publishing it there’s not much surprise that some songs bare a resemblance to the RuneScape soundtrack. Sound effects are often matched well to the hilarious moments in the title that occur throughout various multiplayer encounters, many of which are unexpected.

Engine Performance – Excellent

Replay Value – Excellent

Final Verdict:

The only negative thing about Ace of Spades is that there is a pocket of fans of the original Alpha Build who miss the old ways but Classic Mode does its best to address the issue, a ‘Battle Builder’ title update was also released later w/ map editor. That being said, Ace of Spades as a product when viewed for its own merits is an incredibly fun and addictive first person shooter which takes influence from fast twitch shooters that rocked the golden age of shooters on the PC a decade ago. If you like shooting titles and want to try something unique with fluid gameplay, solid servers, and a fun-loving community then give Ace of Spades a look on Steam – it’s even cheap too! Ace of Spades get a 9 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz making it an RGN Gold Game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.4/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Jagex

Available On: PC | Mac OS X

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher  for the purpose of this review.

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