Ex-Mythic Employee Pleads To EA Release Offline Mode For Warhammer Online Despite It Having “No Gameplay Of Any Kind”

Warhammer Offline

Recently Warhammer Online took its place among the deceased MMORPG games never to be seen again… until… Andrew Meggs (formerly of Mythic and now the co-founder for City State Entertainment) has revealed that the game has an offline mode which was never made available to the public. In a complicated sort of blog post the developer who worked on Warhammer Online, before EA ended up having to pull the plug on it recently, describes an offline mode which featured “no gameplay of any kind” but instead served as a 3D Interactive Tech Demo of the Warhammer Online world and a selection of its assets.

Will EA ever release such a thing? What is the potential for the modding community to do this for them? Time will tell, but here’s a link to the original Blog Post from Andrew making his plea to EA in the first place.

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Warhammer Offline 2

Warhammer Offline 3

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