GTA Online 1.08 Update: Creator Mode, CTF, Raid, Cheaters Getting Banned, And More [Heists Still Not Out Yet]

GTA V RealGamerNewz

GTA Online has taken us for a long road since its initial release in October 2013 and now as we take a look back there’s been many things missing from it being added over time. Recently the game gained Creator Mode and now with update Version 1.08 it gains “Capture Mode” which is essentially Capture the Flag, Raid, Hold, GTA (Grand Theft Auto – instead of stealing and fighting over / defending flags, it’s rides), and Content mode variants. Many other things have been changed in the game as well including increased money for certain categories of gameplay including TDM, LTS, Races (multiple lap races only), Parachute Races, and more.

The glitch that allowed players to gain access to other parts of the map has been removed and Rockstar Games has stated that players who have used money glitches to cheat will be seeing the ban-hammer in their near future lifetime. Bad Sports can only play with Bad Sports and in other change news mission creation became possible last week. Players can now make their own “Jobs” of various types. “Heists” are still not in the Online Mode but have been promised for Single Player DLC (hopefully free for all the waiting for Online Heists)! More on this story as it develops.

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