Hitman Ain’t Dead Yet…

Hitman Aint Dead Yet

Recently reports were circulating that a next-generation edition of the Hitman series was being cancelled by Square Enix as per LinkedIn Resume accounts of certain employee accounts in the developer world citing a change from one such title to a mobile title instead. With the worry that there will be too much of a negative down-spin on the company’s image and a settling down of hype for the next Hitman title, Square Enix has decided to kill those rumors right here and now.

A statement was released by Square Enix basically explaining what reporters had scrupulously noticed taking place with the resumes of devs on LinkedIn who were thought to be working on a next-gen Hitman title. These employees work at Eidos Montreal and Square Enix has stated that they are working on high-end mobile titles, some of which are in fact related to the Hitman franchise. S.E. also went on to notify gamers that they can expect a fresh and new installment of the Hitman series to arrive on next-gen eventually and that the title is being developed by IO Interactive who developed the Hitman games independently at first before becoming a major success story with subsequent releases in the franchise.

Although IO has had their ups and downs (*cough cough, Kane & Lynch is trash) we should be happy that the Hitman series is back in the hands of its original creators and give them the benefit of the doubt with revealing what could be a complete revival of the series after the fairly well received Hitman: Absolution title released not too long ago.

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