Survivor Squad Review


Survivor Squad is a top down 2D Strategy Game developed by Endless Loop Studios. In this title players take the role of a survivor moving through the zombie apocalypse. Everything players find can be used as a tool or resource to create new weapons, gear, and gadgets to face off against the many zombies that plague the path throughout Survivor Squad’s journey. There are many different types of Zombies that get dispatched as well as  many different ways to do send them back where they came from. Squad mates can be re-named (A la Pokemon, or Organ Trail style) to whatever names the player gives them so close friends, rivals, or sworn enemies can live and die by players’ decisions and actions in the game.

You control the squad mates by pressing on the number on your keyboard / keypad and execute fighting commands and survival actions with other keyboard keys. You control the camera with the WASD keys and you move your character with the right mouse click. The problem is you have to dispatch your crew while the zombies attack and they can be off screen and the camera will zoom in on only one survivor while the other ones are getting attacked. This is fixed in multiplayer with each player controlling one of the four survivors in a game but in single player it offers a heavy challenge that many players might tap out on.

The game is very deep and does offer a fresh new take on Zombie action games but if people can only really enjoy it in multiplayer, in squads, or with friends, what is the point of having the single player if the player can’t make it through without a big headache?

Sometimes it’s hard to move the characters through the levels because you’re switching back and forth thus canceling or pausing the first survivors commands saving another. If Endless Loop added an option for a fixed camera and alternate movement it would make it easier for those who are not used to the game’s strategy system. The Map / War room area in which you chart your missions, craft your items, and select which survivors go out into the chaos is fun. The characters do level up and you can give them certain items that will benefit them. Outside of the Single player and Multiplayer modes there is also a mode called Deathlab. In Deathlab you and your squad have a set time limit to survive the zombies inside of a closed area until the decontamination timer runs out. It’s surprisingly fun and a break from the main game modes.


The graphics in this title are good with SS opting to use a 2D mondo art style which makes characters pop out of the somewhat basic maps. With the entire world in darkness, it all works to convey that feeling of fright and caution. The sound design is good as the voice actors give your character emotion and alert you if the Zombies attack. The music is dark and moody but this is of course a good thing as it will hype you up during the action.

Final Verdict

Survivor Squad has gives us a fresh take on Zombie / Survival genre that has its problems but is still fun if you are patient and willing to learn and master the game alone. More fun is had as well as an easier time when the game is played with friends. If the developers gave players a few different control options it would put the game ahead of the pack though, so the potential for greatness is definitely here with Survivor Squad.

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Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Endless Loop Studios

Available On: PC | Linux | Mac OS X

Played On: Windows PC

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