Watch An Entire Game Developed LIVE This Weekend [Indie Dev Livestream Announcement]

Vintage Games

After successfully developing an entire game while streaming the development live and narrating it, Dan Bisciglia of Vintage Games seeks to do it again this coming Saturday. What originally started as a way for Dan to give a very unique XMAS Gift to his friends (starring his friends as the main characters) has now turned into a ground-breaking way for gamers to experience the development of a game and even play it afterwards.

While the initial broadcasts were live only, the next one will also get a Replay Video posted here on RealGamerNewz in addition to the Livestream which we will post an embed of this Saturday.

In the stream viewers will witness Dan make a complete game in just 8 hours and “stream while doing it”. This includes all the graphics, sound, design, and programming made on the spot, live. Tune in Jan 11, 2014 at 2:00pm EST (1:00PM Central) until 10:00PM EST (9:00PM Central). Below is an example of the type of games you can expect from Dan and Vintage Games.

Vintage Games Gameplay Screenshot

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