Splatoon 2 Global Testfire – First Impressions


As we all know the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire launched today at about 3 pm eastern for us folks over here. Now what can we say about it now it’s out? Well the first thing I noticed is it feels slower than the first game, not drastically but it did not have the same level of speed as the first game did, but at the same when you get in one on one fights with another inkling, especially when you have the new Splat Dualies weapon, dodging each other left and right, it feels intense.


Now some other changes have been made as well it seems. Some new abilities like hovering with the jet-pack and firing down ink from above. Or this new weird lock-on splat device, which I never hit anybody with. But familiar weapons return, such as my personal favorite from the first game, the Splat Roller. Rolling over enemies feels a tad more responsive in this game, that could be due to the HD rumble, or maybe something else. The Splat Dualies were the funnest thing to use, dodging left and right in enemy encounters and just being able to splat with two weapons in hand felt super fun and super satisfying to me. Weapons like the Splattershot and the Splat Charger I don’t care much for, being an standard assault weapon, and weird sniper weapon.


The game of course brings back the famous motion controls that people used in the first game. Personally I don’t care too much for them and after playing with motion controls for a match I turned them off. I tested all the control options we had available, starting with the joycons in the grip. Which feels just fine to me, but when you take them out of the grip, for this game it just doesn’t work for me. In a shooter I need something to hold onto, so back into the grip they went. Now the pro controller is the way to play this game, feels perfect and smooth, almost like it was made just play Splatoon 2. They game does work well in handheld mode, but this is something I’d rather play on my TV so that’s where a majority of my matches were played at. The game ran at a smooth 60fps never dropping in my experience, and the servers for the most part were really good. I got into a game right away after finishing the tutorial they make you do. But about 30 to 40 minutes into it is when I noticed some lag and some game crashes, likely from more and more people signing on.


Now this feels more like a stress test than a beta. Since what we have in the game, weapons, maps, etc. All feels extremely polished, of course the graphics is my only gripe. They could be touched up slightly, but that’s a minor complaint. I am sure this game is 3 months away at the most based off how it feels to play. I’m excited to see what else they have to show this weekend for the testfire, or if it’ll just be what we’ve seen during the first event the whole time. Regardless we will covering the global testfire all weekend long, stay tuned to see some other staff members opinions on it.

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