Super Mario 3D World Review


Super Mario 3D World is the newest entry into Nintendo’s long running Mario franchise and is the sequel to 2011’s 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land. It stars Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad (with Rosalina a later unlockable character) as they fight Bowser in the newly discovered (by accident) Sprixie Kingdom. It is a 4 player simultaneous co-op enabled game and it supports the Gamepad, WiiMote, WiiMote held sideways a la classic Mario, the WiiMote with either Nunchuk or Classic Controller/Pro and the Wii U Pro Controller. However, the use of the Gamepad allows for off screen play and the touch screen and microphone have effects in game such as revealing “hidden” blocks and shaking trees for items.

Gameplay: Super Mario 3D World is another Mario platformer on the surface but as you delve into it, you discover a Mario game with new formulas. Like the recently released Sonic: Lost World, it has a semi-explorable hub world with hidden coins and extra lives to be discovered. When you enter a level, you have the choice between your five playable characters with a drop-in and out screen for your additional co-op players.

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Each level has three stars and a stamp to collect. Similar to its predecessors, 3D World is timed during gameplay. Returning are classic power-up items such as the Mushroom, Mega Mushroom, Fire Flower, Starman and Raccoon Suit but debuts the Cat Suit, Double Cherry, Light Block and Goomba Mask.

The player is given an item slot similar to that of the Super Nintendo title Super Mario World. The Cat Suit is a great addition to the series, allowing the player to find new explorable areas using the suit’s claw to climb up walls and blocks and continues to be my favorite item to use during normal gameplay. The Double Cherry allows the player to create a double of their character (with their ability intact), which can lead to having up to four copies on screen PER PLAYER.

Super Mario 3D World Review RealGamerNewz

The Light Block finally allows the player to defeat the previously undefeatable Boos and the Goomba Mask allows the player to walk past enemies undetected which had me humming the classic Metal Gear Solid Encounter theme (don’t judge). The levels range in length and size, with an example of a sprawling landscape in World 5’s Sprawling Savannah which has a very large open area that reminded me of Mario Galaxy.

Graphics / Art Direction: Graphically, 3D World stands out on the supposed under-powered Wii U. Whether I’m playing off screen on the tablet or on my television, the visuals are the traditional ‘cartoony’ Mario style but with a very high level of detail. I don’t rely on Nintendo to provide me with high graphics in games because I’m not obsessed over graphics but I tip my hat to Nintendo for this game and the attention to detail.


Online Capabilities: Nintendo’s Miiverse plays a large part in this game’s online capabilities. Unfortunately, you cannot play this game with others online but the Miiverse is the main online portion. You can post a blurb that includes any of the stamps you’ve collected throughout the game, whether it is random or a hint for other players. It provides a fun incentive to collect all the stamps and can provide a laugh once in a while, such as the smoke that comes off of characters looking like gas being used in Miiverse posts.

Replay Value:

Similarly to most 3D Mario titles, the replay value is in the collection of all the green stars and stamps. You will find yourself wanting all those green stars since they unlock other “optional” levels and even the fortress at the end of some of the worlds. As a bit of a completionist, I find this draws me in more to the game experience and similarly to my experiences with the first 3D Mario, Super Mario 64, I aim to have that 100% completion. You will also find yourself replaying levels as different characters so you can activate the character specific switches and use the character-exclusive skills to get hidden troves of coins and the collectibles.

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Final Verdict:

Overall, 3D World is what I wanted after I was disappointed with the repetitive “New Super Mario” series that had four fairly similar titles in a row. The levels are designed to feel like the 2D Marios of old but with the open 3 dimensional areas of Galaxy and Sunshine. I haven’t been putting down my Gamepad for much lately other than school so I highly recommend 3D World to either your big Nintendo fan or the casual gamer in your life.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.2/10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developers: Nintendo EAD Tokyo / 1-UP Studio

Publisher: Nintendo

Available On: Nintendo Wii U

Review Copy Info: This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

(Bonus: Matt’s Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 28/30
  • Graphics- 5/5
  • Online Capabilities – 3/5
  • Replay Value- 10/10
  • Overall- 46/50, a 92%

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