Farming Simulator PS3 Post-Mortem Review


Welcome to the Farming Simulator Review. Do you like farming? Do you like simulators? Well great, then you are in the right place but unfortunately you are probably still not going to like this game.

The main problem with this game is that it’s as if players need some gigantic book of instructions that never came with the game. Even the most simple of tasks are not straightforward and take forever to realize how to do. The tutorial farm starts out in the right direction making a seamless and easy transition from no knowledge to some operating knowledge of the game and then out of nowhere rapidly plunges into the abyss of completely confusing and over-complicated.

Farming Simulator was given birth on the PC Gaming platform where the line between simulation and video game has often blurred since the days of Flight Simulator when I was a little boy playing on a screen that only featured black and green pixels that could be measured with a ruler and during a time when floppy disks were literally floppy.

Farming Simulator PS3 Review - RealGamerNewz

While I applaud Giants Software for bringing this title over to the console crowd I am upset to find that the controls are terrible and the environment players are faced with features less realism than a simulator should have (even on limited hardware provided by consoles).

To continue going on and on would be a bit too much of a bash-fest, so let me tell you some of the things players who do end up enjoying the game can do in it before providing my Final Verdict on the title. Players are able to harvest a variety of crop including wheat, beets, potatoes, and more. Working with hardware such as heavy duty tractors, bale production equipment, front loaders, and of course manure, players seek to economically flip their crop on the market. Use of a PDA comes into place taking on the role of a modern farmer’s almanac and allowing for everything from market values to weather to be tracked as players partake in the life of a farmer. Living off of the land is a skill that mankind has long since lost, and we should get back – it’s just I don’t quite think this game is going to replace the real life experience.

Final Verdict:

Anybody who buys this game is of course not spending all that money just to hate the fact that it’s about farming or the fact that it’s a simulator. Players know what they are getting into by the name alone. However, as much as this title could have been a relaxing farming simulation experience that just gets your mind off of things and into a virtual farm, it ends up frustrating, irritating, and at times infuriating how complex the controls and game-world around the player has been designed. There are still a ton of people who will disagree with me and say that they love this title on PC and enjoy to have a console version of it, but many lingering issues remain and need to be addressed before this game can be considered a quality production on the Sony PS3 regardless of its obvious merits to the simulation genre.

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Overall Score: 3/10

Developer: Giants Software

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Available On: PS3 | 360 | PC | Mac | Wii U | Vita | iOS | Android | Kindle

Played On: Sony PlayStation 3

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