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In Secret of Escape, replay value is a major focus point for developer GamePopper who brings forth the following Action / Stealth title on the Windows / Linux / Mac OS X platforms. The work in progress game can be seen in video format at the bottom of this article with a link to the official developer’s page as well. RGN had the chance to speak with GamePopper about Secret of Escape and gain some valuable insights on the title currently being developed. Here’s what we learned.

Finding something new whenever you play through the game is meant to make it replayable many times as player continue to hone their skills and discover. Initially Secret of Escape was seen at a Games Jam where games were being designed under the theme of “Secrets”. GamePopper ended up coming away with a project that felt worthy of full production by the indie developer.

Multiple endings to unlock new levels, enemy types, gameplay mechanics and modes are spread out through a number of levels. Hidden in the main game are ways to escape each level a different way, deviate from the main story, and get a different ending where you’d least expect it. Each level consists of sneaky, stealthy action avoiding death and discovery by simple enemies like security cameras a la Metal Gear Solid style, and beyond to more advanced enemy types.

Each level has a 15 second countdown making the intensity incredibly high. Instant death is reached once you run out of seconds to escape then you must try the level again. Desura is one of the platforms expected for the game to release on (which is essentially ‘Steam for indies’). Other inspirations besides the theme of being in secret include Saw the film.

The main storyline behind Secret of Escape is that a madman is in charge of the player’s life and forcing him to play a game with it. Comply or be killed. These are the options presented to the player. Strapped with bombs, you must escape by all means. But escaping in new and creative ways is your best way to break the cycle of horror that’s going on. The bombs you’re strapped with explode if you fail to exit each level in time.

Gameplay is being developed mainly with the Xbox 360 in mind and GamePopper has also put together titles like ’10 Second Paper Flight’ for the Ludem Dare 27 as well as ‘BOOM’, and ‘Fireworks Defence Unit’ for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 on PC. Secret of Escape is being developed using the Construct 2 Engine. Take a look at the footage below from the work in progress as well as a link to the developer behind it.

Official Gameplay of Work-In-Progress Game:

Check out Secret of Escape’s Official Page on GamePopper’s Website.

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