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Today we are going to talk about Super Meat Boy, an indie-game I can’t keep my hands off of! The platform game was originally released as a flash game called “meat boy” developed by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee back in 2008. It was rated high upon thousands of users on and received overall good criticism.

This is where Edmund McMillen decided to take it to the next level by introducing Super Meat Boy for the Xbox 360 in October 2010, developed by Team Meat. In the beginning there were some technical issues within the development of this game for the Xbox 360. Team Meat described it as a “mind f@#^”. A member of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes said “It’s much easier to update and everyone should just love on Steam. Like, hot nasty love all over it”.

The Windows version was released later in November 2010. Since the release of the Windows version, Team Meat decided to make extra characters and updates on the PC, and released a level editor as well. Even with the struggle of the development upon Super Meat Boy for the Xbox 360, Team Meat pulled off an amazing job with this game. From my personal experience, I can say that this is the most difficult, most frustrating but most importantly flawless and challenging game I have played in a long while. Let us start the story here.

You play as Meat Boy who must save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, after she has been kidnapped by Dr. Fetus, clearing over 300 levels divided in several chapters and jumping your way to get your beloved girlfriend back. While doing this you can collect Bandages, and once you have enough Bandages, you unlock different characters! Some even have more hang time and others stick to every surface imaginable.

Unfortunately it is not multiplayer based for the Xbox 360, but the mechanics are smooth, the graphics are good for a platformer and it genuinely feels like an accomplishment if you clear a world. Also, you can still go for time runs and go get that A+ you know you want to get!

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