The Possible Future of Nintendo Is In Question; PS4 Decimates Wii U Sales Pace

Super Mario 3D World - PS4 Bundle

“Nintendo is dead.”

That statements has been spouted more times than it is possible to count since as early as the release of the Sega Master System. And then the Sega Genesis. And the 32X. It got more common with the release of the Sega Saturn and then the PlayStation against the release of the Nintendo 64. It gained a lot more traction with the release of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox against the GameCube. Since then people have been saying that Nintendo should pull out of the console game completely and just make games. Like Sega and Atari did. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata made a statement that releasing their franchises on other systems would be good and profitable for them for the short term but the company would fall afterward. That Nintendo is in the unique position of being the ones that bring people into video gaming, regardless of where they go from there.

So what would happen if Nintendo stops making consoles? I mean seriously. Would you buy a Mario game if it were not on a Nintendo system? A Pikmin game? With all due respect, Sonic is not doing so well these days, though that has more to do with a bad transition from 2D to 3D than a lack of hardware or console-exclusive games. Still, with the exception of The Legend of Zelda franchise and maybe Mario Kart, I can’t imagine Nintendo’s most popular games being as popular on other systems. People tend to talk as though Nintendo is a terrible company now and that they have no good games. If you assume they mean exclusive games (since they have a decent amount of multi-platform games), does that mean that people do not like Nintendo-developed games?

Wii U VS PS4 Sales

In my personal opinion, I only see less popular, less used Nintendo developed or published games thriving on other systems. F-Zero, Metroid, Star Fox. Maybe Fire Emblem. These games fit into the space of the types of games and settings that people like in current times. But games like Kirby, Donkey Kong, Mario Party, Animal Crossing, these games do not really appeal to the larger crowds, at least not in a “Oh I gotta get that” kind of way. It’s more of a “Oh yea I used to play that game” feeling, but that clearly does not lead to game sales. There are a few other games that could be modified to fit in with current standards, like Sin and Punishment and Custom Robo, come to mind. But where does that leave franchises like Punch Out and Golden Sun?

So if Nintendo stopped making consoles and only developed games a la Sega does now, which franchises would you actually support on other consoles? Which series do you think would benefit from a more mainstream makeover? What if Nintendo only stuck with their handheld systems and just dropped out of the console race?

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