GameStop closing 150 stores


This past holiday season saw a sales decline in sales for GameStop, who are now closing 150 stores this year because of it. This past Tuesday it was revealed that GameStop has seen a 13.6% drop in global sales from last year. Which GameStop blamed on “aggressive console promotions” by other retailers, and weak sales of big AAA video games during the holiday season.  Of course increased competition from mainly Amazon and Wal-Mart have put pressure on GameStop lately, but the rise of digital sales is the biggest threat to them, as they mainly sell physical media. The fall of GameStop is approaching in the coming years, we should all prepare for this reality.

Editor’s Note: It’s worth mentioning that 2016 was a year in which GameStop closed many stores but continued to innovate their internal systems to better serve customers biggest complaints about their shopping experience. In 2015 RGN EIC Jon Ireson wrote, “Top 3 Ways GameStop Can Win Back Gamers’ Trust” echoing the voice of gamers built up over recent years. It would appear the company has responded positively to such feedback, and are attempting to improve for the better – but as mentioned above, a melding of GameStop’s physical stores and digital goods will need to happen to maximize intuitive sales overall. Upcoming articles from this publication will further discuss new ways retailers will begin to combine digital and physical product sales methods.

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