Destiny Controls And Gameplay Details Revealed By Bungie And Activision

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Bungie and Activision have released new details on the controls and gameplay that will be found in the upcoming Destiny game which releases for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Sony PS4, and Microsoft XO during the second quarter of 2014.

Gameplay Details

Destiny’s Co-Op, Competitive, and Single Player are all essentially one game. There are side missions that can be done solo but the rest of the game is meant to be played with other people, sometimes a lot of them. Some areas are meant for massive groups of people while others are just for concentrated co-op sessions in smaller groups and the enemies will be scaled accordingly so that it’s always a challenge but never too difficult.

The co-operative aspects of the game will be fed with players by something that sounds similar to the recent Defiance game release which sees many people on the same server who are thrown together automatically by drop in / drop out systems controlled by the games rather than the players.

Bungie describes this as some sort of new matchmaking concept though and more needs to be revealed before we see exactly how Destiny will re-invent this mechanic. Destiny will also feature competitive (Player Vs Player AKA PVP) shooting and Dynamic (changing) maps.


Key: X360+ONE / PS3+4 Button = Command

  • A / X = Tap Once To Jump, Tap Twice For “Focus” Ability Movement
  • Y / Δ = Switch Weapons (Primary, Secondary, Heavy)
  • LT / L1 = Aim Down Sights
  • RT / R1 = Shoot
  • LB / L2 = Throw Grenade
  • RB / R2 = Melee
  • LS / L3 = Sprint
  • Hold LB+RB / Hold L2+R2 = Special Ability (Super Move Slot)

Details On Races, Character Progression, and the Locations that Destiny will feature are also revealed today and you can find those by clicking on the source materials below.

[Some Info Sourced: CVG via E]

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