Basement Crawl PS4 EXCLUSIVE INDIE Preview – RealGamerNewz

Basement Crawl PS4 INDIE Preview - RealGamerNewz

Basement Crawl is a PlayStation 4 Exclusive Indie game hitting the PlayStation Network very soon which takes influence from the classic age of gaming. In this polish developed title the gameplay consists of multiplayer madness in which players find themselves navigating mazes such as the one seen above. Online up to 8 players face off (or in your living room up to 4 on one console) setting traps for each other and trying to avoid them in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes with specific abilities and characters of their choosing. There is also an artificial intelligence that can be faced as well. Overall, the game is clearly one that should look very familiar to many of us gamers who’ve been around the block a few times, and have been gaming since the start of this glorious industry.

Bloober Team, who are responsible for creating this title, have stated in previous that the Xbox ONE and Wii U are not the home for this title for one simple reason: hardcore gamers are on the PS4. While the development firm has respect for all of “the big three”, Basement Crawl is a game that should be played by the most gamer of gamers. I personally couldn’t agree more and have already been enjoying my time spent on the flood of PS4 indie titles both already released and coming soon (which I’ve been privileged enough to play early in some cases).

In Basement Crawl the character you select acts as a class and each will have different abilities that make it important to find and select the most beneficial character according to your play-style. This is a concept being done very well in many new games and in Basement Crawl you can expect to see things like proficiency of healing in one character against another. This game comes in at 1080P graphics set and performs with a solid engine at 60 frames per second, but I think it’s clear to see that the main feature of Basement Crawl will be the fun factor. We look forward to providing our audience with more on this game as we are able to.

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