Rumor: Casting Calls, Scripts and Boston Setting For Fallout 4


Yeah you read that right, more info has found its way onto the internet in regards to Fallout 4. Though the turned out to be a hoax, Kotaku claims to have evidence that the fourth game in Bethesda’s acclaimed franchise does in fact exist. According to the site, Kotaku was able to acquire casting script pages and casting call documents from the wife of a reader, who had auditioned for the female version of the game’s main character. Kotaku states they have confirmed that the documents are authentic and they even confirmed the casting director in charge of the hiring.

The word Fallout never appears in the documents but features references to locations within the series, including the commonwealth, the name of what remains of Massachusetts, New England. You can read the full details on Kotaku’s website.

While this new bit of info sounds very convincing, it is best to take it with a grain of salt. RealGamerNewz refuses to confirm the existence of a new Fallout until we get an official statement straight from the horse’s mouth.

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