Batman Arkham Origins Review

Batman Arkham Origins is the latest title in the Batman Arkham series developed by Warner Bros Montreal and Splash Damage. We find Batman in his second year on duty in Gotham City and a bounty has been placed on his head by Black Mask. Who ever brings him in dead by Christmas morning will have 50 million dollars awarded to them. Villains such as Killer Croc, Bane, Deadshot and others take a crack at the bat. Even the Clown Prince of Crime as well as the GCPD come in to play during the story. Gotham is on ice from a snowstorm and Batman must take the fight to both the law and the lawless to save the city before dawn.

You will have access to most of Batman’s arsenal from the previous two titles with a few new ones. There is the new remote claw not only helps our hero make it across long gaps and crevices but it also helps you dispatch enemies during battles as well as in stealth mode. There are also the electro-gloves, freeze grenades as well as other gadgets you will gain along the way.

Batman now can use his scanner to recreate crime scenes similar to how he did in the animated series. Batman then can use the data gather to piece together clues from the scene and who the culprit is. The free-flow combat system is back and better than ever but I was left wanting some more moves in the Cape Crusaders arsenal to fight and defeat the villains. The progression system has been upgraded every encounter with the enemy has the potential to level up Batman.

The Graphics are slightly updated from Arkham City but the different locals and the snowy surroundings give both the characters and the locales a unique but compelling vibe. There are little to no glitches in the game and the ones that were present were fixed via a patch prior to this review. If you have a 5.1 surround sound set up or a decent set of speakers around you may want to break them out for Arkham Origins. The soundtrack is booming, the trademark sound effects are back in full force and the voice acting is top notch. IN BAO is seems like every actor gives it their all in their portrayal of their character.

You can traverse the city via the Batwing and unlocking way-points around the city under the Riddler control. This eliminates the problems from the last two games having to swing through the entire map to get to different locations. The only thing is you still cannot control the Batwing or any of Batman’s other vehicles in the game which is a shame. This action is seen in a cut scene when you called for the plane and you are forced to watch it every time you use it. The boss fights in the game are tailored around each one’s powers, actions, gadgets and fighting styles each making for a memorable bout for the Dark Knight.

The multi-player suite was created by Splash Damage and contrary to belief it is solid. Two teams headed by both Joker and Bane to take out the other to gain control of the map. Batman and Robin are on a separate team to stop both of the criminals and their gangs before the end of the match by dispatching them to fill up their intimidation meter. The first gang to take out the other wins but if the heroes scare them off they win and both teams lose.

The game is set up like Merc vs Spy from Splinter Cell but with three teams and don’t worry the dynamic duo aren’t not overpowered to play with. If you are the two heroes you truly have to be as stealthy as you are strong you have to be quick on your feet or you will be taken out. The thugs are foot soldiers but are armed with heavy firepower and can take out both their opposing forces and the heroes with extreme prejudice making for some heated matches. Batman Arkham Origins does live up to the series name and packs a bunch but I there are things that couldn’t made it a masterpiece. Still BAO is a solid title worthy of the cap and cowl and it is a must own.


Final Verdict:

While Batman Arkham Origins does justice to the series at large it misses doing things that could have put it over the top of its other titles. This being said WB Montreal and Splash Damage has made an entry in the Arkham Series that is a gem all its own. Memorable boss fights, thrilling story, unique multi-player, and refined gameplay tmake this is an experience that every Bat-Fan should own.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: WB Montreal and Splash Damage.

Publisher: WB Games

Available On: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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