Infinity Ward Has Been Caught False Advertising Call of Duty: Ghosts



At first I didn’t want to believe this, truthfully it hurts to see the routine disrespect to the gaming community and high-end electronics consumer-base that has brought the video games industry to an income larger than film, television, books, and music combined. But nonetheless, there is a new detail emerging from a developing story we’ve been covering here on that deserves your utmost attention.

There is NEVER going to be dedicated servers for Call of Duty: Ghosts on anything except Xbox ONE. Their twisted words about having dedicated servers for all platforms. was simply the bait to protect their PlayStation sales, lure in their existing fans on those platforms, then hook them for a ride of inferior gameplay experience.

You see, many of us who have been playing first person shooters since they were invented in the golden age of PC Gaming know that “Server” is actually an ambiguous term. There are more detailed terms like listen servers, log-in servers, and so on which more specifically identify the piece of electronics you are speaking about. For the large and growing amount of gamers that understand this, “Dedicated Servers” is a feature we have all demanded from the world’s top tier shooter games. In some cases we got what we wanted (Battlefield) and in other cases nothing but empty promises (Call of Duty).

But everything was about to change with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Originally Infinity Ward, who is obviously a very small company now finding the need to give full credit to Neversoft and Raven for helping create Ghosts, had promised us Dedicated Resource Servers for Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox ONE. Later on Activision hinted that they’d do the same on PlayStation 4 if Sony paid for it and they let the world know that Microsoft was paying for things like this as well as an unknown amount of their marketing funds. Each event they hosted was dubbed “Brought to you by Xbox” and featured random shout-outs like “thanks to our friends over at Xbox”. Microsoft soon after announced that the Xbox ONE will feature free dedicated servers for any online game that wants to use them thanks to the Microsoft cloud capabilities. Honestly, while many have ridiculed the cloud and maybe with merit, being used as dedicated resource servers is potentially the most logical and effective way to use the cloud presented by MS thus far.

Shortly after this Activision and Infinity Ward flip flopped completely by announcing that the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 would also be getting Dedicated Servers claiming “ALL PLATFORMS” were set to, in fact. Now, think to yourself logically and grammatically doesn’t that information make it seem like the feature that was coming would be equal on all platforms now – or at least launch on time for all platforms? There were no indications that this was a wrong assumption as we moved forward, now expecting dedicated servers on every platform. Then the PS3 / 360 versions arrived with no dedicated servers. PlayStation 4 came out and still has no dedicated servers. Activision says they are “rolling out” the servers “over time”, so now we are  left with no date on when to expect this to occur and the knowledge that Xbox ONE won’t have to wait since Microsoft took care of things for Acti and IW.

Then a serious twist happens… it has now been determined that Call of Duty Ghosts on PlayStation 4 Will NEVER Get Real Dedicated Servers (and neither will the PS3 and 360 versions of the game). For the technical details about how apologists are already defending this play on words click on that link. Long story short: you’re not getting real dedicated servers unless you’re on Xbox ONE and we’ve been down right lied to by false advertising from Activision and Infinity Ward who were simply shielding the sales on their PlayStation versions of COD: Ghosts despite the fact that they knew they never intended to deliver on this promise.

So what do we do? Just shrug our shoulders and move on? Is that what you all did when the Xbox ONE’s DRM set you into a frenzy? No, it’s not. You spread the word. The gaming public made it clear that they were not happy with what just happened to them and demanded some sort of meaningful change to which Microsoft ended up responding with a complete reversal of many unpopular policies. Don’t we owe it to our industry to at least care enough to get this event in the history books as common knowledge? You could say Acti and IW didn’t lie, they just misled or mis-worded things. You can say it’s the media’s fault. The simple fact is the messaging has been used as a tool to confuse the consumer about what features to expect in order to prevent loss of sales due to the less popular Xbox ONE having the most sought after feature for the genre.

Here’s a rundown on precisely what we’ve witnessed as a gaming community for those who hate reading paragraphs and prefer lists of information:

1. Xbox ONE Only Ded Servers Announcement for Ghosts
2. Activision Hinted They’d Do It On PS4 If Sony Paid For It, since MS Paid for it on X1
3. MS Announces Free Ded Servers for Any Online Games on X1
4. Activision Announces Ded Servers for ALL platforms
(grammatically that makes it sound as if they are equal, but they’re not).
5. PS3 / 360 Versions Came Out, No Dedicated Servers
6. PS4 Came Out, No Dedicated Servers
7. Activision announces they are “rolling them out over time” on PS3, PS4, 360.
8. It has now become revealed that COD: Ghosts on PS3, PS4, 360 Will in fact NOT have real dedicated servers but instead “Server Hubs” which detect the best host and let them be the player hosted server. This is essentially a newer way of doing the same exact thing Peer 2 peer hosting games have been doing on consoles since the first Halo games.


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