Killzone Shadow Fall Review

Killzone Shadow Fall PlayStation 4

Killzone Shadow Fall is a First Person Shooter developed by Guerrilla Games for the Sony PlayStation 4. In the game’s single player you take the role of Shadow Marshall Lucas, who is sent in to carry out assassinations on the grounds of Vekta and Helghan which now share the same planet following the events of Killzone 3. Your targets are leaders of the Helghast nation who are plotting to bring down the Vekta on the other side of the planet’s wall. Lucas will be tried and tested during each one of his missions. The players will discover with Lucas the planet’s dark secrets of both his race and the Helghast just as Lucas does. You are giving an OWL (a device that aids in your attacks, provides zip-lines to traverse through the levels, heal you and pop up shields via the PS4’s touch pad and L1 button). At the start you are also given a standard issue rifle that uses electrically charged ammo and two firing modes as well as a pistol with laser sight to combat your enemies. Players will also find weapons in the field either lying around or picked off of enemies.

The joy of combat in KSF is your plan of attack, you can go in guns blazing or stealthily take out enemies. Lucas has a radar built into his gear that will help players spot enemy pathways around the level and how far way your mission objectives are. It’s important to move quickly dispatching foes, the longer it takes the more enemies will come as they will trip nearby alarms which must be disabled by the OWL device under direction of the player.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Review RealGamerNewz

The gun-play is fast and furious alongside responsive control thanks to the sleek DualShock 4 controller making for some visceral battle sequences. Melee combat is just as important as ever and just as brutal as it was in Killzone 3, so players need not worry on that front. The only real problem with the game-play is that the HUD doesn’t keep the mission objectives on screen for very long and doesn’t guide you to them as smoothly as you may want, but it gets the job done. I just wish the folks at Guerrilla Games made the levels a little bit more streamlined so it doesn’t seem like I’m wandering around aimlessly at times. Thankfully the battles more than make up for it in the long run.

This game is tailored for a scavenger who likes to search every nook and cranny for audio logs, dossiers, comic book pages and other things. If and when you collect an audio log it will play through the speaker on the Dualshock 4 which is a neat feature and doesn’t detract from the sights and sound of the game on screen. The voice acting is good but sometimes seems a little bit over the top. That being said the story will grab you from the start. The graphics and level design will immerse you into Vekta and there are a myriad of environments and set pieces that break up the action. The sound design taps into the environment and sounds good on your surround sound setup or speaker setup and it will help you during certain parts of the game.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 Multiplayer Gameplay

Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer is the best in the series and quite arguably the best in the FPS market today. In this multiplayer suite there is no class system and the way you unlock weapons, upgrades, and items is by playing the game and using weapons a certain number of times or under certain conditions. You can jump into any available Warzone and play. Warzones in Killzone Shadow Fall are similar to the earlier games in the series and consist of a series of mission objectives that must be completed by your team (VSA or Helghast) given the time limit. The Team with the most completed objectives wins.

The modes in the Warzone (Team Deathmatch, Capture and Hold, etc) as well as time, player options, load-outs and other settings can be can be tweaked and changed at anytime before a match and made into a saved Warzone. Once a Warzone is saved and put on the KSF multiplayer servers any one can search for the game and join up, unless you set a password to protect it. The maps are large and varied and provide very little room to camp. When you spawn on the map your will start at your teams base camp which is protected by a turret and two force fields that will slow down your adversaries from killing you on sight.

The firefights in multiplayer evenly match players. Each gun feels as balanced as it does in the single player. You will feel the rush of battle, the sting of a bullet, the whisper of death, and the joy of victory or thrill of defeat every time you play. If that wasn’t enough PS Vita owners can use the remote play feature to play the entire game on the PlayStation Vita handheld game system.

Final Verdict:

Killzone Shadow Fall maybe rough around the edges but it is a shining example of what both a console launch title and a great first person shooter should be. It has both a thrilling story that will keep you hooked until the end and a Multiplayer that gives its competition a run for its money, this entry shines through the shadows.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Available On: Sony PlayStation 4

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