Persona 5 – First Impressions


I have now had some time to play Persona 5, and I feel as if I now have a valid opinion on it so far. Don’t worry we won’t be going into the plot at all, as these games are known for being very plot heavy. The intro to Persona 5 I have to say is my favorite yet in the series, such a big contrast to the previous games, jumping you right into gameplay as The Joker, the protagonist. You already get a different feeling from this guy right away. The whole intro hooks you into the game right away.

Now after this intro we have to go through the whole, this is where you will be living, your new school, all of that stuff. I have never really minded that as I like for the world to be setup, but I do take a bigger issue with this game’s tutorial more so to the past games. Persona 4’s tutorial last about 4 to 5 hours, long but the narrative is there to help. Persona 5’s tutorial takes about 7 hours until you can truly roam the game’s first dungeon, but even then it’s still in tutorial, not much you can do until you clear it. Now everything you are doing is great, it’s just a big slow burn and it really hurt the game’s pacing for me. It may also just be me, since I have been playing the series since Persona 3, and the basic gameplay has not changed to much since then.

The game features a much large map than Persona 4. As compared to a small town, now you placed into a big city with plenty to do, and it feels more alive with npcs walking everything, it’s really quite nice to see. Thankfully fast travel is a thing so you can get to places easier. I am also unsure about some of the main cast, I am sure the more I learn about them, the better I will feel. I do like how they are all sorta misfits, outcasts, looked down on by society. As compared to the cast of previous games being more flawless.

These were my initial thoughts on Persona 5, I like it so far, just the pacing at the start really was a drainer. Stay tuned in the future for my full review on Persona 5.

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