Rumor: Ellen Page Suing Sony for Nude Character Glitch in Beyond: Two Souls

Ellen Page Sues Sony Nude Controversy 3

Reportedly a “glitch” was allegedly discovered (or perhaps triggered using a debug menu on a PS3 dev kit at either a developer’s studio or by a gaming journalist website intentionally?) in Beyond: Two Souls that ended up revealing Ellen Page completely nude. Originally, these visuals were promptly labelled “Not Safe for Work” and passed around the internet like crazy. Sony has since put the gag on any websites daring to try and show the imagery leading one report to suggest that their reaction to the situation as well as a later statement that they require these images removed from gaming press hubs due to “legal reasons” leads to a potential lawsuit already in the works behind the scenes, or even an out-of-court negotiation and settlement process.

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The actress was simulated completely naked in the game. It is unclear if she knew this though, since the camera angles were never meant to be placed on the character’s body. It seems that while there was not meant to be explicit, full frontal nudity in Beyond: Two Souls, the parts of the body of the character that Ellen Page was playing were very much completely sculpted and developed. The only thing a ‘hacker’, ‘debug exploiter’, or ‘glitcher’ (whichever the truth is) would have to have done is change where the camera’s were facing during what many are calling a “strange” and “un-necessary” shower scene that took place in the game.

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Some internet users out there in the social space have even gone as far as suggesting that David Cage may have a thing for modelling characters far beyond what the ESRB and PEGI ratings systems would allow, purely for private entertainment purposes. This is at face value a completely extreme claim backed up by nothing more than speculation on the behalf of forum users internationally, but should it become a part of Ellen Page’s legal team argument Sony could have some real expensive problems on their hands.

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It remains to be seen exactly how the actress feels about what happened and whether or not Sony’s actions in the matter thus far will be much of any consolation to her. Did she know that her character’s completely nude body (down to the nipples, vaginal bits, and all) would be modeled? Will Ellen Page go easy on Sony or will she feel truly violated that the massive game company in charge of developer Quantic Dream and David Cage failed to prevent such a thing from happening?

Time will tell. At this point RealGamerNewz is waiting on further statements from the two parties in question before making any concrete assumptions about what will happen next. It’s worth noting that Heavy Rain mysteriously had the exact same problem.

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