Data: 93% of Homes in Australia Own a Dedicated Video Game Console (Since 2012)

RGN Analysis

According to a new report (the fifth one of its kind) Australia has been found to host 93% of its homes to a dedicated video game console. This statistic emerges in reaction to 2012 data which has been released showing a huge leap from 2005’s 78% ownership ratio. It’s not just younger generations embracing the digital medium either, for the first time in the country there has also been an increased active engagement seen in older demographics such as ages 30s and 40s.

There’s also an increase in discussion between literature and other forms of entertainment growing alongside the video games industry in Australia, citing a higher percentage of active and engaged minds in consuming information with a Professor at Bond University named Jeff Brand making the following statement, “this is analogous to a kind of literacy for the twentieth first century.” according to Dr. Jeff Brand.

[Source: IGEA via Polygon]

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