EA Listens To Command & Conquer Fans: Free-to-Play C&C Game Cancelled


Unfortunately sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelette. Perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact that you must sometimes break some eggs, make that omelette only to learn that you have no idea how to cook, throw the omelette in the trash and boycott eggs for the rest of your life. The situation with the previously announced (multiple times) Command & Conquer free-to-play game in development by EA Games is such.

As gamers who love C&C, the RTS genre overall, and feel neither have been anything near their peak of greatness since Red Alert 2, we are happy to see EA Games can this project and put the complete honest truth out there that it was not a C&C game and not a good game at all being formed. In fact, C&C 4 was a terrible installment and C&C free to play was the final proverbial smack in the face for any RTS fan or gamer vaguely remembering the C&C series who might have ended up playing this atrocity.

Sadly, as journalists we are now seeing another team disbanded in an increasingly brutal landscape that is the video games development industry. While we are happy our favorite RTS franchise has been saved from further disgrace, we are never happy to see a development team abolished entirely. Our hopes go out to the team that worked on the game and we sincerely hope they all find comfortable homes developing more games in the near future.


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