LSD King Timothy Leary’s Previously Unreleased Video Games See the Light of Day


The late Timothy Leary best known for his LSD promotion, philosophical insights, and support for a cybernetic world as well as finding inner-peace through one’s self, has been discovered to have developed a number of video games which until now have never been seen by the public. Although it is on public record that at least one commercially published title (Mind Mirror published by Electronic Arts to sell 65K Units) was designed / developed by Leary, we now know of many more.

The image above shows a game called Neuromancer Mind Movie (based on the book Neuromancer by William Gibson) which was being worked on. Many other titles were available for viewing (and some are even playable) as the New York Public Library opened an archive including emulators that allowed the titles to be seen in their original form.

Check out another screenshot below from SKIPI (Super Knowledge Information Processing Interface) which was perhaps a conceptual design of Inter-Com, another work-in-progress game by Leary which much like his other projects focused on self-improvement and discovery of one’s own personality through interactive media.

Super Knowledge Information Processing Interface

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