Data: It’s Official PC Gaming Has Overcome Console Gaming; Digital Sales Up 1,400%

PC Gaming Overcomes Console

In what is perhaps a surprising turn of events (or not, depending on your perspective) cold hard data recently released by SuperData Research Inc. and Digital River confirms that the growth in the game industry’s PC Gaming sector has actually caused what was once considered to be a niche audience to overtake that of the Console Gaming sector. Similar to the argument of art imitating life and vice verca, we’ve been seeing a lot more AAA publishers supporting the PC Gaming market who normally haven’t been so open to it in the past; which is likely either because of, or causing, this type of reaction from the gaming community. Of course PC Gaming is still a ways off from producing the same amount of cash as Console Gaming. Other information in the quantitative data report includes evidence of a lean towards digital which is stronger than ever seen before.

Contrary to the vocal minority who spoke out against the ban on re-sellable physical game media when Microsoft revealed their next-generation Xbox ONE console, this new data suggests gamers currently prefer digital content that is not re-sellable versus boxed physical games; at least statistically speaking. Digital sales on the whole have increased upwards of 1,400% when speaking to the United States market per capita.

Also contrary to some of the outspoken feedback from those who take to forums to express their gaming views, free-to-play products are doing better than ever and proving to be one of the most lucrative markets in the industry. The entire report can be accessed for free in exchange for providing a small amount of personal information to the research firm (including the typical name / email address as well as a company name and job title) at the Official Digital River Website for those who are interested in learning more about these market changes and the deep statistics behind them.

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