Metro: Last Light Developer Pack DLC Review

Metro Last Light - Developer Pack DLC Key Art

Metro: Last Light comes from 4A games and Deep Silver who are back at it again with another piece of DLC in their Season Pass. This one is called: The Developer Pack this pack is the third piece of DLC for Metro Last Light. The Developer Pack consists of several parts: The Shooting range, The Arena, The Museum, and The Spider’s Lair. The Shooting Range is like any normal shooting range but with challenges. Each challenge tests one of the weapons that players have in their arsenal. Some of the challenges have a lot of speed-shooting and a wide range of enemies to shoot at.

The Shooting Range can be played with either the lights on or lights off depending on what type of enemies the user is shooting at. There’s also the ability to pick the type of targets that the user would like to practice shooting at and it’s great because the user will take damage from the targets since they will fire back, which puts a very interesting twist on shooting targets in a closed range.

The Arena is another take of working on enemies but this is just as the name implies – up close and personal. The same stays true from the shooting range, enemies can attack the user and they can also kill the user. The ability to spawn different enemies can be a fun way to try out brand new weapons that weren’t available before. Some of the new weapons are crazy awesome and I wish that these would have been put into the original story mode experience rather than released later as DLC.

The new flamethrower is a beast of a weapon and can clear an area out extremely fast. The Abzats is a buckshot heavy machine gun that is awesome and is a great weapon for heavy firefights. A few other great weapons are the Medved, which is a 3 barreled grenade launcher with a big blast radius, the Clapper – through which the silenced sniper rifle class effectively makes a return, Bigun which is a makeshift shotgun revolver on a pistol grip, and the Helsing; my personal favorite, which is an air gun that shoots metal bolts.

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The Museum is a collection of every character and enemy type that can be found in the game. They are modeled out in full detail. As the user you can walk up to each of them, click on them, and see what they are. You can also switch what animation that they are showing. This is more or less the developers at 4A Games showing 3D models of the characters and is a waste of time in my opinion, but if you head out into the hall each of the pictures on the wall all show the developers in either pictures or with their face plastered on the wall – which is really cool.

The Spider’s Lair is the last little bit of content in the Developer Pack and wow does it pack a punch. The back-story here is that you are going to travel with some buddies into a part of the tunnels that no one has returned from. This is also shown in-game while drinking at the bar with some in-game characters. The user will wake up hung upside down in The Spider’s Lair with new weapons and no mask, armed with nothing but a lighter to find their way out. The spiders in here are awesome, the attention to detail is awesome, and it brings back the true survival horror feel that I loved from the original campaign of Metro: Last Light. This part of the DLC feels like the best part and really shines. However, The Spider’s Lair also seem to prove my feelings that some of the other parts of this DLC are just slapped on and don’t really feel full featured.

Final Verdict: While the gameplay is great in Spider’s Lair, I don’t really feel that the rest of the Developer Pack is really all that worth it, but for the price you are still getting a good chunk of content. I would really like the developers to stick to the missions that keep you into the lore of the survival horror and more of the campaign’s fashion of missions for the last piece of DLC. Overall, another decent piece of DLC for Metro: Last Light can be picked up for either $4.99 on either Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN and you already own the rights to it if you’re a Season Pass holder.

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Overall Score: 6/10

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Available On: Windows PC / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info- A Digital Copy of the DLC was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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