A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX by Aksys Games Lands on XBLA Today

ARES Extinction Agenda EX for XBLA

A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX has released today on Xbox 360’s XBLA marketplace by publisher Aksys Games alongside a free trial for the game. You can purchase the game today on XBLA for $14.99 through Xbox.com or on the Xbox 360. This cyborg-themed 2D sidescroller / action game landed 2nd place in the Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play contest and has been revamped in a number of ways including graphics, weapons, sound, and completely new areas to rampage through. For more information regarding the plot, take a look at the excerpt below the newly revealed screenshots from the release by Aksys.

Excerpt from today’s Official Press Release by Aksys Games:

“In the year 2060, humanity has reached the stars. As they began to venture forth into the universe, they encountered an alien race known as the Atzai, who gave them the technology to combat the pollution that had been plaguing Earth. With this technology, humankind and the Atzai built Minos Space Station, which was design to convert pollution into fuel for space travel. For once, Earth was at peace and a strong bond was forged between Human and Machine. However, not all Atzai agreed with the human race and slowly rebel factions formed inside the Atzai ranks.

The year is now 2094, and rebel faction leader Zytron has attacked and taken control of Minos Space Station, along with all of its machines. Receiving a distress call from Dr. Julia Carson, Minos Space Station’s chief engineer, Atzai Command sends their best to save the survivors and stop Zytron from his secret “Extinction Agenda” for mankind.

Take control of Ares and newcomer Tarus for two separate story arcs, and uncover the conspiracy behind Zytron’s invasion of Minos Station.”

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