Red Cross Working w/ Game Developers to Increase Realism: Specifically War Crime Punishments

Bohemia Interactive Red Cross

In a refreshing change of pace, Red Cross is working with video game developers and publishers in a way that both increases realism and adds an increased sense of morality to the end-user experience at the same time. The Red Cross has suggested, and is willing to actively help in, the development of War Crime Punishments to be featured in titles like ARMA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and others.

Bohemia Interactive of the ARMA series is actively working with them now, it is yet to be determined which other companies will directly accept this general offer, however it is great to see such an influential organization recognize that video games have a right to depict these acts (rather than attacks on gaming as seen by firms like Fox News). Red Cross simply states there should be equal depiction for the consequences that may come about from the types of actions taken in games.

[Source: CNet]

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