GoD Factory: Wingmen Preview

GoD Factory

Have you heard of GoD Factory: Wingmen? If not.. You’re missing out on a potentially great aerial space combat shooter. In GoD players pilot a ship which can be customized in depth and will be their tool of destruction as well as defense. Objectives include destroying enemy carriers and defending yours while earning “credits” from playing matches and blasting through enemies. Players also get a second ship that can be customized with the ability to switch back and forth between the two which will help diversify the arsenal of terror zipping through space and hopefully laying the smack down on unsuspecting, and a few suspecting, enemies.

Each point of weakness destroyed earns one integrity point. Once you reach 6 integrity you have defeated the enemy ship. The game is balanced nicely for both teams and all species to help with evasion and battle, but carelessness will still result in getting killed, so strategy is the key and teamwork with allies is, well, your ally.

GoD Factory 2

The game’s size and structure are well done and beautiful. You’re in space and the size of the carriers, which are 9 miles long, take you back a bit. These take tons of cooperation with other teammates to destroy, which is done by strategically attacking certain weak points throughout. So this game isn’t going to be a typical ‘go off and do your own thing’ kind of game like most end up being. The matches will often be well over 30 minutes. There’s 4 species you can choose from as a faction with each having significantly differing weapons.

Take for example Humans who have speed on their side, while the Chorions have a higher chance of survival. Each species has a weakness, but also a strength that other factions don’t. While there’s still a lot of information that has yet to be revealed to us, like the economics, GoD Factory: Wingmen is proving to have all the makings of a strategic hit so far and is currently on Kickstarter as well as Steam Greenlight in case you want to help support this title’s development.

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