Gamer Confessions: I Am Addicted To Dust 514

Dust 514 Addiction RGN

For weeks I have thought on the different things I wanted to discuss on my next article. I wanted something meaningful. Something that impact the minds to think outside the box. Little did I know the gaming gods didn’t have that in store for me. I wanted to cover the Xbox One and PS4 spectacle, yet the ideas fell short.

All the while, I found myself lost in a unique MMO FPS game that I’ve been playing since the beginning of March this year. It’s called Dust 514.

Before we get into my full confession, as any confessor, let me express some back-story so that you may understand why I love this game so much. I’m a huge science fiction fan, but I’m weird. Or better yet, complex. I don’t get into ALL science fiction but I love stories that has settings in far away universes. Where war rages. Where men rise to the call to become something greater than themselves. From my beloved Star Wars to the twisting story of the Matrix, I love a good science fiction story. I’m so complex that I watched District 9 and loved the story but felt no interest in seeing Elysium.

Second of all, I love FPS games. Now my elitist my want to choke me when I say this, but the first game to get me acclimated to FPS gaming was Halo. Yes, I said it, Halo. I could recall the first time playing it. It was my introduction into the FPS world and into Xbox. Of course my friends and cousins raved about Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament. But the keyboard and mouse thing didn’t interest me. Plus LAN parties were fun, but sitting in a room smelling sweaty lard greatly took away my fun in the experience. Hey don’t get on me, that’s just how it was.

Dust 514 Addiction RGN 2

Getting back to my Halo introduction, a friend of mines invited me over to his house for the weekend. He kept raving about Halo and had been adamant about getting me over to check out the then unknown sci fi FPS masterpiece. So there I was, with a fat Xbox controller in my hand. The tribal music of Bungie studios came on with its logo and I could already feel it was something epic about to happen. Then the title screen boasted its quiet magnificence with a choir that demanded my attention. It literally put me on edge. I stared at the screen as if it was a movie poster, looking at the big Halo ring in the background. My imaginative mind registered that this was something to be taken seriously. I was about to enter a world where life, death and technology ruled supreme.

Seeing the Pillar of Autumn, my brain automatically pulled up a file of the Nostradamus from Aliens. I saw the nod to one of the greatest sci fi films known to man. It made me smile and I felt comfortable. These guys like what I like. Surely this game won’t fail me.

Dust 514 Addiction RGN 3

After the intro and the sense of urgency, Master Chief was sent in to take out the Covenant boarding the ship. Let me tell you, I was utterly nervous. You see, I submerge myself into these worlds. I take on these characters as my digital representation. Lives were at stake and the radical Covenant were there to end it. First I saw the little guys, the grunts. They didn’t scare me and I found myself trying to get used to the controls. I was flubbing a bit but laid them down with ease. Then I got nervous and scared when I heard a sound coming from the hallway.

“Wart, Wart, Wart!”

What the heck was that? Then this menacing presence in purple alien war armor greeted me with extreme prejudice. He pointed in my direction, yelled and immediately began to charge in my direction blasting plasma rounds. My rifle (which also was a nod to the Pulse Rifle that the Marines used in Aliens) wasn’t pointing in the direction of the elite. Yet, I still exploded with fire, shooting walls and all.

After some deaths, I got acclimated and my fear settled. Lo and behold, I was a soldier of honor leading the marines in the charge of battle.

Dust 514 Addiction RGN 4

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