NCAA Football 14 Review

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The newest installment in the popular college football series NCAA Football 14 is back yet again, this time with a few changes to the layout and the multiplayer and even an added dynasty mode featuring all of the, oh about one hundred and twenty something Division 1 schools including Florida, USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas, Ohio State, and so much more.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The soundtrack features all of the college theme songs and fight songs along with many more, like Darth Vader’s theme. The crowd’s emotion going into the game has always been big and adds realism of home field advantage to NCAA Football 14. Unfortunately the voice commentary is bland and features the same guys again with the boring personalities you should be familiar with by now, at least they are boring to my tastes. If you ask me I would like to see Lou Holtz or somebody else get on a college football game voice-over track.


Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The graphics are really good, or at least the best they are going to be on this generation of consoles. The addition of the Infinity Engine 2 has made the physics’ level of realism better. Now the tackles and hits feel realer than ever, though the receiving  game needs some improvement in terms of realism. This engine also reduces the amount of glitches that have plagued NCAA a whole lot since the ’09 version.


Controls / Gameplay: The overall gameplay is improved on many grounds though mainly in the running game and the defensive front 7. The only thing I could say has gotten worse is passing which is what people usually like about NCAA. This time though the passing game is decreased and sometimes when I would hit a button if it was X or B then it would send it to the opposite receiver. The magnet effect is also an issue I have always hated, you know how sometimes the ball gets magnetized into the defenders hands. That is an even bigger issue in NCAA 14. The good thing is the running game is not a chore like how it was in ’13 and ’12. They brought back the smoothness and realism to it, more similar to how Madden’s running game is, but not that good. In terms of new features in other aspects they have the real time ESPN updates for other games if your playing Dynasty or other modes like it.


Singleplayer / Multiplayer: Since now they mix in your single player experiences with multiplayer a lot more in these sports titles, it is only fitting to talk about them together. Dynasty has some new features that are kind of unimportant like the updates between weeks and such. But they fixed some of the issues in ’13 with connected dynasty and other modes like it. Now it has a more authentic week to week feel. While multiplayer has some updates in terms of matchmaking being a lot faster, beyond that NCAA 14 is largely the same game seen before.


Replay Ability: High

Final Verdict: NCAA Football 14 fixes itself in some areas but remains in the shadow of Madden still. Despite being very fun it has some issues, but they do not always ruin the fun factor and experience for hardcore and casuals alike. NCAA Football 14 gets a 8 out 10 score making it a Silver RGN Game.


Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developers: EA Tiburon

Publisher: EA Sports

Available On: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Played On: Xbox 360

Review Copy Info- A physical copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher  for the purpose of this review.

Notes: NCAA Football 15 is canceled at the moment we will keep you updated on the series future.

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