Destiny 2 New XP Prices Stay – December 2017 Updates Planned by Bungie in Detail

With our earlier round-up of the recent “wrap-your-head-around-it” moment at Bungie / Activision Blizzard as overloads of fan feedback flood the gates in petition of New XP Prices that were heavily handed down essentially rendering Bungie’s “make-good” behavior of admitting to, and removing, their pay-to-win xp stealing downscaler an empty gesture due to New XP Prices detailed below in Bungie’s own words from their final November statement on Destiny 2 XP for the next month.

Included in a half press release / half development blog were many good and bad signs for what’s possibly to come with Destiny 2. Bungie did mention “keeping the conversation open” and are hoping to be better about doing what fans want them to do for franchise decisions like this, but who knows if that’s something we will realistically see or not next year. We read on and can always hope.

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To fully grasp exactly what’s going on, let’s look for Bungie’s statements in their “The State of Destiny 2” public update, and keep in mind what just happened literally a few days ago while also giving them a chance to explain their intentions for December 2017 Update and Destiny 2 overall going forward…

Yes, XP Requirements are still higher now. Bungie is acting like that’s no big deal because they shut off the XP Downscaling they admitted having and apologized for. Perhaps the entire event was a bit less generous than it seemed at the time. Since all throughout their latest letter to fans – higher XP requirements are justified as “adjustments” due to the removal of an unprecedented XP Stealing mechanic introduced behind the curtain of programming code for Destiny 2. There are some amount of gamers who will flat out quit from this alone, but luckily there seems to be some good news from Bungie as well.

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