Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls Gets Unfinished Build Leaked; Looks Trash


Screen tearing, no facial animations, and the lack of voice tells us that the following clip of Gameplay from the Beyond: Two Souls demo hitting this October is surely from an extremely early build of some sort. One thing’s for sure, it looks terrible and definitely does not represent the final product. Everything we’ve been seeing from Beyond: Two Souls including today’s new Dev Diary has been looking fantastic. Sony’s PlayStation 3 exclusive Beyond: Two Souls is developed by Quantic Dream.

Something similar happened when Ubisoft released their Aisha Tyler trailer for Watch_Dogs which they later said came from an early build and was direct-feed footage off the PlayStation 3. All we knew at the time was how bad it looked according to the reactions of many gamers who hated it (maybe they just didn’t see the 1080P HD version on our site?). Gamestop sources even tell us it hurt pre-orders.

We don’t really understand why anyone would release such an early build clip of this game unless they were trying to make the game look bad. This was not recorded by RealGamerNewz originally and has been obtained through an anonymous tip. Have any anonymous tips to give us? Send an email to tips@realgamernewz.com and put “ANONYMOUS” in the subject line somewhere or body so we know not to identify you.

Take a look for yourself below and let us know what your thoughts are on Early Build Footage releases; were you happy to get a sneak peak or did the lack of polish on this build just ruin the experience for you?

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