War Thunder Review

Firstly, allow me to apologize for such lengthy time it took me to finally get around to this, and Galaxia. I’m not one to make excuses, buuut.. It’s all Square Enix fault! FFXIV is too addicting. I eat it, I sleep it, I breathe it! O_O Anyway.. On to the review!

War Thunder, as most of you will know, is a Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game much like any MMO on the market today being developed by Gaijin Entertainment. With a  slightly different mechanic though than standard MMO’s with the whole being in planes, tank, and Battleships that are strongly void of Rhianna and Taylor Kitsch.

Gameplay: In War Thunder the gameplay is a blast, pun intended, as you blast your foes by land, sea, or air in large maps that are closely similar to the land at the time during the WWII era. I found myself deeply immersed into killing Nazi’s, a.k.a. Germans because no one wants to refer to Germans as Nazis, even Germans, and those damned ‘Japs’ (just kidding Japanese readers, the game is just that real). The scale of the maps were very large at a realistic 200 kilometers (125 miles) soon to be 300 kilometers (roughly 180 miles according to Google because I can’t convert kilometers to miles off the top of my head.) With realism as depth of this, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself in War Thunder.

For gameplay modes there are Arcade Battles,  Historical Battles, and Full Real Battles.

In Arcade Battles, you’re pit 32 vs. 32 in planes making you challenge the opponents strategies by having you defend you “country” with easy and basic controls. It makes the game easier, but fun for everyone to enjoy regardless of rank or skill.

War Thunder PS4 PC

Historical battles make for a much hardcore mode imitating real life damage and war as much as possible. Diving your plane to fast, pulling up, or going head on into a fight can prove fatal and have you ending the battle fairly quick Full Battles Now here is a mode that is harder than hard. Porn star junk hard. It reenacts flight simulation to the “T” where real life damage is taken and battles are hard due to the fact there’s no easy mode. Basically.. If you haven’t been shot mid air in the wing during WWII, you’re not going to know what the hell to do to survive plummeting into the earth. It makes for a real challenge and real fun.

Sound: Sound in the game as amazing. You heard explosions from other players in other places nearly right away in the distance and in the direct location of their shot. It made for a real cool immersion factor while you tried to maneuver your vehicle, whatever it was, to that direction only to go with frustratingly slow speeds to get there often. That was only due to realism, which I am not against. War Thunder uses realistic sounds recorded from actual planes, tanks, guns, and just about any other war machine from ‘Dubaya-dubya 2’, it sounded like you were apart of a real battle beginning to end.

Controls: War Thunder’s controls were very smooth and easy to learn, but I had issue with the plane controls, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue with planes in video games *cough* Battlefield! Oh my. Excuse me.. Didn’t mean to cough and type at the same time. I found it pretty simple to get into and also the responsiveness was on point regardless of how much I raged when I died, I couldn’t blame the controls even though I did.

Graphics: Graphics were on par with some of the best combat simulators out there and only in beta at the current moment. I was amazed by some of the smallest details which the graphical engine displayed greatly. The Dagor Engine, in my opinion, is a very underrated one which impressed me a lot.

Multiplayer Aspect: Of course this is the bread and the better of the entire game. You can easily find yourself delved into hours of play time and not even realize it. Time flies, more pun intended, especially with how in-depth the massively multiplayer online combat flight simulator developed by Gaijin Entertainment is.

Final Verdict: With all the depth, fun, and historical aspects of the game, I can see people spending hours of endless fun back in time reliving one of the world’s most talked about wars. It’ll be cool to see what Gaijin has in store for us when the game launches this November on the PlayStation 4, Mac OS X, and Windows PC. I give this game a solid 9 out of 10 making this one of our RGN Rated Gold Games.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer / Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment

Available On: PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac OS X

Release Date: November 2013

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