“Gamers” Disrespecting Indies


I will never understand how any “Gamer” can disrespect indie developers or their games. And it’s begun to be quite the trend for quite a few years actually. Left and right I’m seeing these so called “Gamers” downgrading or talking down about indie developers and I get extremely confused and quite annoyed. Because I myself am what you’d consider an Indie. But that’s mainly for music. When I think the word “indie”, I’m thinking of creative people who are chasing something bigger. We’re all creative people trying to get our visions and artistic views out there. We always start small, and we’re always looking for someone to listen to our demos, test the games, read our books, and put us in a role in a movie.

When it comes to entertainment and your name isn’t known by thousands if not hundreds of thousands. You’re going to be pretty much an independent. You’re on your own; you expose yourself to the world until you get bigger. Then once you have achieved that people with bigger pockets will come up to you and will want to help you share your vision and creativity out there with the rest of the world. Then you become a big guy in the creative industry. It’s how you get Development Studios like Naughty Dog or Bungie who used to be nobodies until someone saw what they were wanting and supported them to the very end because they made content they saw that needed to be shown to the world. It’s how you get music producers Ajapai or Ice Cube. It’s how you get actors like Robert Downey Jr. They began to become big known names in the industry because they fought tooth and nail, they work hard going through mental struggles of giving up or keep pushing forward even if everyone is already betting against them.

indie gameplay collage

These “Gamers” just forget where their favorite Triple “A” studios and publishers came from. Without anyone trying to release their creative output, without Indies there would be no Destiny, Uncharted, Forza Motorsport, Halo, etc. This coming next generation is going to be a wake-up call though. I can already see that most people are going to realize that the greatest creations in life are going to be coming from those very people they never even know existed. I’m actually sad it takes next gen consoles to make people realize that Indies are important, even sadder that these so called “Gamers” even have to make it be proven.

Anyways I’ll digress and get to the bottom line. Indies, Amateurs, Noobs, etc. are important in this world and whatever industry here, because they’re going to be the next big thing. So don’t disrespect them if they’re going to be what makes the world better or an industry better later down the road. You’re just making yourself look stupid. But that’s just my opinion.

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