Petition to Rockstar: Don’t Allow PC Version of GTA V, Pirates Will Steal It

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A new petition has appeared on Change.Org which can be Found HERE and is asking Rockstar Games not to release this game on the PC platform due to the massive amount of piracy that occurs on the platform. If you’ve not heard, Cliffy B once cited piracy as the reason why the Epic Games series Gears of War ended up an Xbox 360 exclusive and no longer releases on PC. He even brought statistics that to every 1 copy of purchased Gears of War there were 54 pirated on the PC. One signature of this petition basically explains the position of those who have been wary of seeing such a PC release announcement themselves:

Grove Street:

“PC gamers don`t care about the well being and revenue of a company. They are aggressive pirates who will stop at nothing to download a game for free from torrents. It`s not fair to the developer who works hard day in and day out to have their game stolen…”

“…Especially with a game like V that took half of a decade to produce, it should not suffer the fate that it would should it see a release on the PC. Rockstar, do the right thing and keep this game away from PC gamers for they won`t buy it but instead steal it. If they want it so bad they can buy a console and enjoy it like the rest of us.”

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