New Update Allows Visiting a Friends’ Island and More in Anno Online

Anno Online Visit Friend Island

If you haven’t got a chance to check out our Anno Online Review then give it a quick read to find out what this game is all about. One feature that players were clamoring for within its very dedicated community was the ability to visit each others’ islands. That feature was beta tested with stress test events in the community which has patiently waited for it to finally be fully realized. Now only a few months later Ubisoft Blue Byte is happy to announce that it’s here. Now you can check out each others’ islands and even help a friend out with production not to mention reveal to them your secret formula for doing things.

Excerpt From the Official Press Release:

Visit Your Friend’s Island”: The new friend feature will enable players to examine the play style of their friends to learn how they’ve cultivated their islands, what special buildings they’ve earned, and more. Players will be able to visit their friends’ main island as well as all additional colonized islands to see the entire production chain. This introduces another layer of player interaction: by buffing the production buildings of their friends, in return, player will received a longer buff duration for their own production buildings.

Ascension Rights Interface: Achieving new citizen levels is one of the key features of ANNO Online. The new user interface provides an easy-to-use overview of achieved and required ascension rights to carry the player’s population to a new level.

Building Placement Feedback: This feature provides a quick glance look at the building grounds and the possibilities for constructing buildings in regards to available space and resources.

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