DICE, EA, & Disney Legal Battle Over Star Wars Battlefront 2 Pay-to-Win Scandal

Disney was blamed by EA Games in statements made to the gaming community referring to their reasoning behind such anti-consumer practices. CFO of EA Blake Jorgensen stated that “-you wouldn’t want a pink Darth Vader-“ as an example of how DICE allegedly wasn’t allowed to do things that alter the canon of Star Wars. This of course, is extremely untrue being that the entire modern Battlefront series has been off-canon blessed by Disney, the owners of the Star Wars universe.

EA Games has lost $3.1 Billion in Stock Value (8.5% Down from Normal) /* Update: EA Games stock value continued to drop a total of $6 Billion lower, signaling that the issue has still not died down at the time of this post*/ recently since the Star Wars Battlefront 2 scandal that rocked the industry regarding Star Cards being the only way for players to progress in the game. These Star Cards are a virtual currency tied up with tokens allowing the game’s entire content to be locked behind a Lootbox system which would cost players $1,200+ on top of the game’s initial $60 price tag or some insane amount of hours that slowed the pace to such a halt.

Government officials have now began to crack down on the game industry as it is likely scrambling behind the scenes to fix the issue before more laws and regulations are passed. In many other countries, the government  already regulates gaming. Overall, the Electronic Software Association regulates gaming itself in the United States – which is owned by game companies (an obvious conflict of interest).

This was stated by Blake Jorgensen in a rant about how hard it is for EA to make their 800% markup by just selling regular old games to gamers like they’re supposed to. This is essentially the half-step non-apology of the immature corporate culture EA seems to bring to the table – crying wolf one last time before they reach the final breaking point of the industry.

Gamers are expected to feel sympathetic for a company that is trying to enforce a predatory micro-transaction, fee-to-play, pay-to-win system back in place after temporarily removing it. This is by far one of the most important times for the company, in which it still has a small chance to redeem itself – but not in a sneaky way, only in a real way.

[Over 129,000 Signatures Petition Lucasfilm: Revoke EA’s Star Wars License]

Only 20% of DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 by EA Games owners purchase DLC for the game, maps haven’t earned them money, and money from within the game is their only chance of continuing the greed train. Sales disappointed retail giants worldwide, stock market investors are beginning to pull out of EA Games. It turns out, Disney doesn’t care about EA’s ambitions.

While many have calculated that this scandal will cause EA to lose the Star Wars license soon, the bigger issue at hand is all of this bad PR as Disney is trying to launch a Star Wars film. Indications that Star Wars: The Last Jedi (In Theaters December 14, 2017 for the USA market) and already winner of a Golden Globe for Best Fantasy Adventure. On top of that EA crushed Star Wars 1313, a linear game from Visceral Games based on Star Wars was cancelled by EA who uses a false statement as an excuse saying “linear games aren’t popular” which is actually factually untrue.

For those wondering why EA Games said that removing the micro-transactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 would not affect their sales – the reason this happened is because they never intended for gamers to get this message. This statement and piece of paper where this numerical lie had never meant to be seen.

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