Ultimate Space Commando by @Creatio49 Has Entered Public Alpha

Ultimate Space Commando - Steam Greenlight - RGN Indie

Ultimate Space Commando is an original take on turn-based strategy created by indie developer Creatio 49 and has now entered Public Alpha testing. You can sign up to play the Alpha of the game completely free at the Official Creatio 49 Website. After spending some time with the game, we can tell you it’s definitely worth trying out if this is one of the genres that interests you. There’s an HD trailer for it below and you’ll also find the Ultimate Space Commando Steam Greenlight Page doing decently (pop a vote on there if you deem it worthy). The game is available in English, German, and Hungarian. Check out more details after the trailer.

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“Key Features

  • Fully randomized maps (even in the Campaign to some extent) in three different environments (base, mines, outdoors). Still, you can use seed numbers to share your experience with your friends or to replay the best actions! 
  • Fully destructible and manipulable combat environment with interactive, strategically important objects (such as safety doors or different types of crates). 
  • Customizable Single Missions, plus Scenarios and a base building-defending game mode, all available in single-player, hot-seat or TCP/IP multiplayer mode! 
  • Strong, story-driven Campaign mode with difficult choices and really tough battles. 
  • Plausible combat system with 4 major properties (Health, Morale, Armor, Action Points) and 9 attributes, and a detailed weapon system (impact force, armor penetration, etc.) 
  • RPG-style unit management (skill points, specializations, inventory, statistics). 
  • Squads can be customized, saved and improved with every mission by finding crafting materials and blueprints. 
  • Five different aliens all with their special attributes, plus champion and alpha bosses with unique abilities! 
  • Zhe Wunderwurm! (A rather deadly and weird alien specimen.) 
  • 18 different weapons and various ammo types, each with preferrable combat attributes and also disadvantages, some with unique properties; it’s completely up to you how you build up your tactics! 
  • A lot of useful gadgets and equipment to support your squad with, including first-aid kits, stimulants, grenades, weapon mods, and even a placeable turret! 
  • And the model RD-1 Rubber Ducky, of course! 
  • Crafting system: materials can be salvaged from various map elements, and be used to make even more special items available via crafting only. 
  • Weapon prototypes: higher difficulty levels may surprise you with blueprints that can be used to craft special versions of your favorite weapons–at a price. 
  • A semi-optional circuit-cracking logical mini-game embedded into the main action.”

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