Eternity Incorporated: First Birthday!! [Minecraft Video Channel]


Hello Everyone! I’m Austin from Eternity Incorporated! For those of you who don’t know what Eternity Inc. is (which is probably most of you), we are a YouTube channel mainly based around Minecraft gaming. I did say we, there are four members of Eternity Inc., Austin (Me), Torrin, James, and Kaleb. We love our fans, including you because you will love us too, promise. The channel is only a year old as of August 25, 2013 and we’re still learning, but our videos will be fun and entertaining!
We Make Death Beds!!

Like I said, there are four of us. Austin (Me again, also Kredit_Kard), basically plays the games (everyone does but I hardly do anything else) and writes this article (Captain Obvious right?). Torrin (FunkyDiamond52) does a lot of the meeting people to expand our fan and friendship base. James (HorrorGod78) makes our music and designs our website at, it’s down for maintenance at the moment but please check it out! Also, check out our Facebook page at And lastly but definitely not least, Kaleb (Magic_Pants_64) designs our skins and also meets the people with Torrin, since they are the ones online the most.

Also, we love our fans! We thank every single one of them for giving us their support! We know we would be nowhere without them and we are so excited to gain new fans. Eternity Inc. hopes that everyone who sees this article will subscribe to our YouTube channel, xXEternityIncXx, it would be so exciting to see our subscribers go up. It always is. We also wish to ask for video suggestions, because you know our brains do need to think these up and we don’t always have great ideas. We want what the fans want!

August 25, 2013 is the first birthday of Eternity Incorporated and we are so proud that we have lasted this long and are continuing onward. Eternity means forever, so our name implies that we wish to never end our partnership with each other and this channel. Eternity Inc. is ready to have many more upcoming birthdays and a chance at making many more friends!

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