MLB The Show 17 Review


MLB The Show 17 came out recently and is one of the greatest baseball games in the series. The Show has been around since 2006 where developer SIE San Diego Studio has been working on the series since its inception on the PS2. They have put their feet in a few other games over the years such as: Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet Karting, and Kill Strain. They had some competition up until its last game in 2013 with Major League Baseball 2k13. This is also the first year that the developer has been able to create the game solely on PS4 and not have to do a copy of the PS3.


MLB The Show 17 is the celebration of everything baseball and all the fans who enjoy it. The intro to the game will tug as some great baseball moments in history, it is all hand drawn on a chalkboard and put into a score board all ending with the announcement of the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series. This has to be the best introduction into playing MLB The Show 17, from there the user is introduced to the menu which breaks all the modes down for the user. When it comes to the visuals of the game, the stadiums are on point a ton of detail, the crowd looks really real, the attention to detail on all the stadiums. Players actually resemble their real life counterparts, the facial hair is actually really good from what previous years have shown. The actual player physics have gotten better with each year of the show as it is to emulate the sport in a realistic way. The ball physics are improved they actually slice after being hit by a hitter and with several types of fielding and pitching aims to make the game even more real slash simulation.


The Show has a lot of great game modes for the user to indulge in such as: Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise Mode, Retro Mode, Practice, and Home Run Derby there is a few other smaller options as well. The one mode that was really enjoyable is Road to the Show which is where the user can customize their experience they way they want to play. Everything from customizing their character to what position they play as well as how they handle their career. Pave Your Path is the newest feature added to Road to the Show where it allows the user to make decisions on their career from talking to their agent, talking to their coach about what position they want to play, to deciding when is the right time to enter the draft. Everything the user does in the game allows them to rank up and gain experience as well as training points so they can build the perfect player, leveling up the character is a must have if the user wants to advance from the minor league to the major league. Stubs are also in the game they are in game currency for buying card packs, they have everything in them from: equipment, stadiums, players, different jerseys etc. Real money can also be used to obtain more stubs to purchase bigger card packs. In the card packs they can be used to enhance the user’s Road to the Show as well as Diamond Dynasty.  


For Diamond Dynasty the user can build the ultimate baseball team with current players as well as greats from the past. The ability to have a team with the best players throughout baseball history seems like a good time and definitely a large consumption of time. Franchise mode allows the user to control everything in their franchise from coaching tasks, trades, scouting, drafting, working with staff and much more. Retro Mode is the game type that has the most amount of fun especially if you come from old school baseball games. The controls are simplified they have retro graphics on the HUD but still have the gorgeous in game graphics in the background makes from a ton of fun to play. There is no special batting like in the normal version of the game which is actually really fun it takes the game to a simpler time in sports games. Home Run Derby is exactly what it sounds like the user picks who they want to go for the home run record and then swing away and keep crushing them out of the park. This is a fun mode to visit from time to time to get some swings in and work on some batting practice.


While playing MLB The Show 17 one thing that they really nailed this year is the graphics, not having to hold back by doing a PS3 version this year has really helped out. The attention to detail on everything is amazing the crowds actually look like real fans, the lighting in game is stunning. Character models look life like and true to their players as well as all the hair detail on the heads and facial hair. Each stadium was given a high amount of detail as well, anything past that suffers but that can be overlooked since the rest of the game looks really good. There is also the online aspect with the game keeping up to date rosters, users can also play others online with customized gaming lobbies.


MLB the Show 17 is the best baseball game out there, no where can you get this kind of experience. With all the features added to this year make this game worthy of checking out. The added Pave your Path feature in road to the show can’t wait to see how this progresses in the coming years. If you’re the user that wants to control every aspect of the game this is for you, or if you’re a casual player who wants to play retro mode and crush some home runs.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game
Developer: SIE San Diego Studio
Publisher: Sony
Available On: PlayStation 4

Release Date: March 28th, 2017

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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