Sony Online Entertainment Layoffs Coming

SOE Layoffs

More Layoffs are about to hit the game industry and are becoming almost as routine as the sun rising in the morning. As the indie scene is booming and the MMORPG business sees two huge entries incoming from Bethesda and Square Enix (The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn respectively) Sony Online Entertainment has announced ahead of their upcoming EverQuest projects that they will be letting some people go soon. The typical reasoning has been given, and while we do feel that some companies need to have less employees and less stress placed on each employee (the game industry seems to be in a constant state of ‘too many chiefs – not enough indians’ syndrome), it’s never a good thing to see jobs cut short unexpectedly.

As if in a show of tragic irony, SOE decided to announce this in a DC Universe Online forum post of all places. Many will remember DCUO as a great MMO that they enjoyed playing while others remember it as the MMO flop of a lifetime. I guess it just depends how you look at it, I pretty much see it both ways equally having enjoyed my time in the game myself but been a proponent against its online fees since long before it even released (I even suggested that Sony allow PS+ to cover MMO monthly fees, at least for SOE titles which they had control of, citing console gamers reluctance to accept such fees). As we all know, nothing has been going right with SOE since and The Agency never saw the light of day as they dialed efforts backwards in time to overhaul renewed efforts bring their sure-thing, money-maker EverQuest back out to bat.

As always with this type of corporate decision, it will probably be some time before the full picture is revealed. We sincerely hope none of SOE’s core members are hurt during this arduous process and that anybody that gets let go finds a new place in life in which they are comfortable. Currently the amount of employees that will be let go has not been identified. We just wish for once it was the management, the executives, the mail guy, anybody besides the actual developers…

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